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Price Action Trading in Trending Markets

Price Action Trading in trending markets

You will learn about the following concepts

  • Advantages of price action trading
  • Trend and non-trend bars
  • Signal and entry bars
  • Trend lines, trend channels and tests of trend channels
  • Phases of a common trend
  • Trending trading range days
  • And much more

In the first chapter of the current guide readers will be introduced to basic terms, concepts and advantages of trading the markets on price action. You will be acquainted with terms such as trend bars, reversal bars, signal and entry bars, channels and channel lines, climaxes and others, and how to incorporate this knowledge when trading in a strongly trending market environment.

You will learn what the phases of a common trend are, what is referred to by the so called trending trading range days and how to position in a trending market. You will also learn when to rely and when not to rely on signals, which price movement generates on a daily basis.

You are welcome to start with the first chapter which would guide you through the set of articles. Join us, let us plunge in the vastness of the world of price action trading together!