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Social Trading Academy

Welcome to Our Social Trading Academy

We cover the following concepts

  • What is social and copy trading
  • Choosing a platform and creating an account
  • Follow the most profitable traders

Social trading is a relatively new concept that introduces a bright nuance of usefulness and utility to the already monotonous structure of the social network. Of course, you might argue that social networks have always been useful, and you would be right (to some extent). Social networks can help you increase exposure to your site, spread the message and improve your sites rank, but even though all of these options are at your disposal at all time and certainly present a form of usefulness, they are not as direct in their functionality as social trading is.

What Will You Learn from this Guide?

what-will-you-learnBut what is social trading? The goal of this guide is to introduce the idea of social trading to anyone who is interested in making money by utilizing the knowledge and skills of others. Likewise, we also want to introduce the concept to people who want to share their knowledge and wisdom. Social trading takes social networking to the next level. Its used to share useful information in the financial sector, essentially revolutionizing how the market works by removing the huge gap between the experienced and the novice traders.

How Will We Proceed?

how-will-we-proceedThe guide will introduce the core concepts of social and copy trading to your attention. After youre familiar with the basics, well move on to more advanced aspects of trading.

The guide will proceed to help you realize that trading is not as easy as it seems and some people would like to make it seem. We will teach you the basics of what you need to know about the market, as well as fundamental and technical analysis.