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Best USD/CHF Forex Brokers

USD/CHF is one of the forex pairs perfect for both seasoned traders and those who are taking their first steps as investors. At the time of writing, participants in the global market gravitate towards the CHF at times of economic distress, which in turn means that it has the status of a safe-haven currency. The same can be said about the US dollar.

Starting to trade the USD/CHF is not a difficult task thanks to the world wide web, provided you have hit the books and are in possession of sufficient capital. A secure trading environment is a must, which is why your broker of choice will have a significant effect on your performance.

How USD/CHF Trading Works for Traders and Brokers

USD/CHF TradingThe USD/CHF is traded at an incredibly high volume and is one of the major currency pairs. This has the significant benefit of keeping the spreads of the USD/CHF tight, making it suitable for beginner investors.

Since entering the forex market is practically effortless between the now internet-based trading and the fact that account creation at brokers is fast, it is easy for a novice to become a bit too excited and rush to make their first trade. Demo accounts are available on most trading websites nowadays, however, and most traders opt for such an account at the start of their career. These account types allow users to become familiar with the core aspects of trading in a risk-free environment. An example of such characteristics of the FX market are the fees. The vast majority of brokers use the spread, i.e. the difference between the buy and the sell prices of a pair, as their primary fee. A commission might also be attached in exchange for even tighter spreads, however, so it is always important to look up such information.

Once traders move on to real investing, functions that will protect their funds become crucial. Stop-loss orders, for instance, allow them to set a trade to be bought or sold once it has reached a certain size. Additionally, negative balance protection is also something valued by many traders and is, therefore, quite sought after.

Top USD/CHF Trading Brokers

choosing a brokerThe number of traders who turn to the forex market has been increasing steadily, seeing as online foreign exchange trading has gained a foothold in the past few decades. A vast number of retail investors now participate in forex trading, and each trader has their own preferences and strategies. The search for one’s broker of choice, therefore, needs to be as thorough as possible to ensure the best trading experience. This is easier said than done, and below, you will find our list of top ten USD/CHF brokers, which is a good starting point towards finding the broker that fits you best.

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1. What is the leverage?

Leveraging is the action of borrowing funds from the broker and investing with these funds. Leverage ratios, like 30:1, express how many times your capital will be increased. This means that if you are successful, your gains will be far larger than if you were to invest with only your own money. Losses will be amplified as well, however, which is why high leverage can be very risky.

2. How do I avoid brokers that are not reputable

The biggest indicator of a broker’s credibility is the regulatory body that oversees the broker’s actions. The FCA, NFA and ASIC, for instance, are well-rusted authorities that will monitor brokerages closely and act quickly when issues are detected.

3. Can I trade USD/CHF on mobile if I have an iPhone?

Yes, especially if you trade at a well-known broker, which offers great platforms and trading tools. The vast majority of reputable brokers create applications that work well both on Android phones and iOS devices.

4. How do I download a desktop trading platform?

The process is fairly simple. The first thing you need to do is visit your broker of choice and navigate to the menu or page dedicated to the brokerage’s platforms. You will sometimes have multiple options to choose from, so choose wisely and take your time. Then, go to your chosen platform’s page, and the website should have a download button available. If you have not created an account thus far, you will likely be prompted to register first before you are able to download the software.

5. Why do I have to verify my broker account?

Verification is required by the regulatory bodies and the laws of the jurisdictions a broker operates in. It also ensures that no one but you can withdraw your money, and it, all in all, makes your trading experience better and safer.