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Best AUD/USD Forex Brokers

The AUD/USD is fondly known as the “Aussie” among investors. It is one of the currency pairs that are heavily influenced by the global prices of commodities the likes of coal, gold, crude oil and others. This is due to the fact that Australia is a major exporter of the commodities in question.

Whether the AUD/USD can be seen as a minor or major pair is debatable, and different investors hold different opinions on the matter. Consequently, its designation varies from broker to broker. Sometimes, it is listed along with majors, such as the EUR/USD, while in other cases, it is under the minors category. This makes picking an AUD/USD broker a bit trickier than other pairs.

How AUD/USD Trading Works for Traders and Brokers

AUD/USD TradingThe AUD/USD comprises free-floating currencies. What this entails is that instead of being fixed, both the US dollar and Australian dollar’s respective exchange rates are determined by supply and demand as opposed to their rates being fixed. This makes the AUD/USD susceptible to volatility, which, in turn, creates ample opportunities for trade.

The base currency in this pair is the AUD. In contrast, the US dollar is the quoted currency, which means the pair is quoted in USD, and trading is based on the number of US dollars it takes to buy a single Australian dollar. Lots are the basis upon which trading is conducted. There are several lot sizes within the forex market, and the largest one is the standard, which consists of 100,000 units.

The AUD/USD can be traded by individual investors five days a week, and the market is open 24 hours a day. This, however, does not mean that the market actually closes at the weekends. On the contrary, the weekends are when banks, hedge funds and other large entities are the only participants. There was a point in time where said institutions were the sole entities able to actually take part in the FX market as a whole, but the popularisation of online trading made the feat possible for the ordinary investor as well.

Top AUD/USD Trading Brokers

choosing a brokerMaking the decision comes down to knowing what you want from a broker, and finding a website which fits your personal criteria. Such aspects often include things like the banking solutions available, that is, the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and whether the broker offers the solution most convenient for you. In addition, keeping oneself safe is crucial, which is why it is best to go for brokers that are regulated by reputable financial regulatory bodies.

Finally, it will do a trader good to look for a broker that features their favourite tools while still offering competitive spread for the AUD/USD, which is why we have focused on brokers that offer relatively tight forex spreads.

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1. Who regulates AUD/USD brokers?

At the time of writing, the Financial Conduct Authority, which is based in the UK, is one of the largest and most trusted regulatory bodies in the forex sphere. The FCA is known to take swift action against brokers who do not adhere to the standards set by the authority. Other reputable bodies include the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

2. What are the most dangerous risks to look out for when trading the AUD/USD?

Leverage is one of the riskiest aspects of trading currencies. It can be very profitable for investors, but it also amplifies losses when they occur. The exchange rate in and of itself is another potential risk, as currency price fluctuations can easily catch traders off-guard. Finally, risk of ruin is another problem one should be wary of. This is the risk that you will lose most of the money you invested, rendering you unable to participate in the FX market from then on. All of these potential problems highlight how important risk-management is.

3. Can I fund my broker account by using Neteller?

This is dependent on your broker. Most brokers strive to offer as many convenient banking solutions to their customers as possible, which is why you will typically be able to use this e-wallet solution for deposits. Nonetheless, make sure to check, as there are brokerages that do not offer digital wallets as a deposit option.

4. What is a lot?

A lot consists of a number of units when it comes to trading. Lots allow you to measure just how much you are going to trade. Standard-sized lots include 100,000 units. A lot that has 10,000 units is called a mini-lot, while micro-lots comprise only 1,000 units.

5. I do not wish to download forex trading software. Can I trade on a browser?

Yes. Although the features of a web-based trader will not always be one on one with its desktop counterpart, these traders tend to be more than sufficient for the vast majority of retail investors. Brokers tend to offer such an option.