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Best Apple Stock Trading Brokers

Thanks to products such as the MacBook and iPhone, Apple is present in the daily lives of millions of users around the globe, in one form or another. In the minds of consumers, the brand has become synonymous with high technology and innovation and this makes it a popular constituent of the portfolios of top online trading brokers.

For over a decade, Apple Inc. has been one of the most valuable companies in the world even after Steve Jobs’s passing away in 2011. Milestones in terms of market cap are $1 trillion in August 2018, $2 trillion in August 2020, and most recently $3 trillion in January 2022. Sometimes, the brand’s name is associated with accusations of anti-competitive practices but this does not impede it from enjoying an ardent user base and enviable brand loyalty.

How Apple Stock Trading Works for Traders and Brokers

Apple Stock TradingIt is the quality of products and their fancy outlook which have kept Apple on the crest of the wave for so long. The brand’s marketing team has proven itself as one of the best in the field, so it is no wonder that lots of online traders check if Apple stocks (AAPL) are provided before deciding whether to set up an account with a certain brokerage company.

As you might guess, the first step of the AAPL trading process is to find a trustworthy stock broker which offers services that fit your trading style and knowledge level. Fortunately, the high competitiveness of the market has led to a myriad of well-regulated brokerage companies and you just need to weigh up which is the one that best suits you. Here are some of the important factors stock traders need to consider:

  1. Which exchanges are offered – brokers’ portfolios differ in coverage, i.e. they do not include the same stocks. However, when it comes to AAPL and other major US shares traded on NASDAQ, you will most probably find them with the greater part of global brokerage brands.
  2. Commissions and fees – nothing in the world is free and this applies to online trading services. Stock brokers make a living by imposing spreads, commissions, and different trading and non-trading fees and it is better to check the respective conditions in advance. Zero-commission trading of Apple stocks is not that rare phenomenon, so take some time and look around.
  3. What trading instruments are available – direct investments are not the only way to operate with stocks. There are lots of online brokers that enable trading CFDs on shares where the aim is to make a profit from the price movement of the particular share.

Top Apple Stock Brokers

choosing a brokerNow that we have introduced you to Apple Inc. in its capacity as a stock issuer as well as the basics of APPL trading, it is time for you to choose an appropriate stock broker. To help you pass through the selection process more easily, we have picked up ten dependable online trading brokers that provide reliable trade execution, various trading tools, and transparent pricing policies.

Related Topics


1. Does Apple pay dividends and how much are they worth?

Dividends are one of the reasons for the continued interest traders show in buying Apple stocks. As per the latest data published on the official NASDAQ website, APPL’s dividend yield is 0.57% or $0.92 on an annual basis.

2. What are the risks of trading Apple stock?

Despite the relatively steady performance of Apple Inc., trading its stocks comes with a certain amount of risk. Although it is a multi-product company, Apple is considered too dependent on iPhone sales. This means that an overall smartphone market decline or some legislative amendments in important regions like China may detrimentally affect the value of APPL. In addition, the brand has set the bar too high for itself, and if it fails to meet expectations for new high-tech products and innovations, end-user interest, and hence revenue, could quickly drop.

3. Can I buy Apple stocks directly from the company?

No, direct deals with Apple related to stocks issued by the company are not possible. However, the Internet is bursting at the seams with trustworthy trading brokers that have included APPL in their portfolios. You can go back above and read our brief reviews of 10 Top Apple Stock Brokers.

4. What is the difference between APPL CFD trading and buying stocks of the company?

The differences are concentrated around ownership and related trading costs. When traders buy stocks, shares become their property and usually bring voting rights. The common practice is to pay a certain commission for the service. On the other hand, if you perform CFD trading, you do not become an owner of any asset but speculate on its price movement, i.e. you can go long or short. In the general case, no commission is charged but you have to comply with spreads and overnight holding fees.

5. What accounts are better, zero-commission or with ultra-tight spreads?

Each of the two options has its advantages and your choice should be based mainly on your experience level. If you are still new to the trading field, we recommend you to start with zero-commission trading as the process is simplified with no complex calculations needed. Demo accounts are also worth considering.