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Below you can find information about the authors behind our daily financial news.

Brian McColl

bmccollBrian McColl is a fundamental and technical analysis expert and mentor. Brian has been a part of the Forex and stock markets for more than ten years as a freelancing trader. Before joining TradingPedia.com he has worked as a financial analyst in the IT business.

McColl is a content writer and editor in the “Trading Strategy” and “Forex Brokers” sections. He possesses profound knowledge in corporate insurance, financial analysis and securities. McColl holds a Masters degree in Financial Economics.

Ivaylo Mihaylov

Ivaylo is a financial news editor covering international stock markets, stock futures markets reporting corporate news and writing corporate analysis. Along with his colleagues he writes trading strategies articles related to technical and/or fundamental analysis.

Previous working experience is related to knowledge of corporate tax practices in major companies in Europe as well as in the United States.

Mihaylov received a Bachelors of Science in business administration with concentration in finance from Concord University, WV, USA.

Michael Fisher

mfisherMichael Fisher is an active trader and market analyst. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania and started his career as a private Forex trader back in 2005. He has participated in surveys regarding trend-following trading systems. He has also obtained experience as a corporate financial analyst in the private banking sector.

Fisher contributes to content writing and editing of the “Trading Strategy” section. Apart from his interests in economics, Fisher is enthusiastic about art and computer graphics.

Miroslav Marinov

Miroslav MarinovMiroslav Marinov, a financial news editor at TradingPedia, is engaged with observing and reporting on the tendencies in the Foreign Exchange Market, as currently his focus is set on the major currencies of eight developed nations worldwide. He oversees the ”Currency Trading” section of the website and also contributes the ”Fundamental Analysis”, ”Technical Analysis” and ”Trading Strategy” sections.

Marinov has been a freelancing Forex Trader for two years. He has also worked in the retail banking and customer relationship management spheres as well as in the independent financial audit. His professional interests encompass the global financial markets, global wealth management, the good practices of corporate governance and capital budgeting. He holds a Bachelors degree in Finance and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance.

Sandra Leggero

sleggeroSandra Leggero has a background in financial markets, having spent more than 9 years in commodities trading for several European and Asian companies. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Pavia and specializes in emerging markets. Prior to joining TradingPedia, Leggero worked as a commercial associate in a transnational import-export company operating with raw materials.

Leggero holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Masters degree in International Trade. She oversees the “Stocks” and “Commodities” sections and proves to be an invaluable source of information regarding grain and soft futures trading.

Teodor Dimov

Teodor is a financial news writer and editor at TradingPedia, covering the commodities spot and futures markets and the fundamental factors linked to their pricing. Together with his colleagues, Dimov writes and edits fundamental and technical analysis content regarding commodities and forex trading.

Prior to his appointment at TradingPedia, Dimov began his carrier in customer relationship management at Piraeus Bank. He holds a Bachelors degree in Finance and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance.

Elmira Miteva

elmiraElmira, a financial news writer and editor at TradingPedia, contributes to the ”Stock Trading” section of the site. She is engaged with monitoring and presenting the latest news, reports and fundamental indicators regarding the largest and most renowned corporate structures worldwide.

Her previous experience includes public sector audit and corporate banking. Elmira holds a Bachelors degree in Accounting and a Masters degree in Bank Management. Alongside her interest in equities, she is a passionate mountain climber and preservationist.

Vladimir Manev

Vladimir is a financial news writer and editor at TradingPedia, monitoring and reporting on the tendencies in the Foreign Exchange Market, as well as the commodities spot and futures markets and the factors linked to their pricing.

His professional career, prior to his appointment at v, started at an International Exchange Bureau “ICE” Plc. Manev holds a Bachelors degree in Finance and a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Vaasa, Finland. Alongside his interests in the Foreign Exchange and Commodity markets, he is an active mountain biker.

Veselin Valchev

Veselin is a financial news writer and editor at TradingPedia, following the commodities spot and reporting on pricing and tendencies on the futures market.

Veselin holds a bachelors degree in Marketing, and his previous experience includes marketing research, economic analysis and various content writing. Veselin is passionate about football, gaming and science.

Veneta Slavova, CFA

Veneta Slavova, CFA is a financial executive with 14 years of intense experience in the capital and FX markets through proprietary day trading /NYSE, Nasdaq, direct access/, fiduciary management /6 major currency pairs/, investing, as well as stocks’ fair market value estimations, IPOs memorandum writing, and daily market strategies definition for some asset managers. Veneta is also a CFA Charterholder and has ongoing experience in the intercorporate finance sector, with activities in the consulting, future cash flows financial modelling, budgeting, reporting and financial controlling fields.

Her fin-markets specialty is fundamental analysis, with focus on macroeconomic events breakdown, daily correlations definition, sector and companies’ specific events. With long years’ market observations, coverage of a number of industries, corporate finance experience and active trading experience for a huge number of American stocks, she is specialized in defining everyday market sentiment and suitable stocks to trade. In her momentum trading activities she has been using technical analysis as a useful additional tool, for the fine-tuning of the position entry and exit, but her solid belief is that economic, political, geopolitical, sector-specific, market specific, and inter-corporate events together with corporate financial estimates are the real drivers of the world money flows, versus technical signals by themselves.