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Forex Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

The following approaches will be presented

  • Combination of RSI, EMAs and Bollinger Bands
  • Combination of Fast Stochastic, Slow Stochastic and EMA
  • Combination of MACD and ADX
  • Combination of EMAs and Parabolic SAR
  • Trading pullbacks following gaps
  • and more

Up to now we discussed the basics of Forex Trading, the concepts of price action, Social Trading and one of the most popular trading styles – Day Trading. As you are now aware of terms such as bull/bear trend, candlestick setups such as Hammer or Bullish Engulfing, indicators such as Relative Strength Index or Exponential Moving Average and the signals they provide, it is now time to take the next step – to learn how to combine a number of technical indicators in order to increase your chances of success in trading.

In the present guide we offer various trading approaches, explained in a comprehensible manner and tested by our team of professionals. Here you will find out how to combine a set of moving averages with an oscillator such as the Slow Stochastic, how to trade pullbacks after gaps, how to combine the Moving Average Convergence Divergence and the Average Directional Index, how to use the Relative Strength Index and the Bollinger Bands, how to use several time frames in order to position in the market and more.

We also include a few indicators, that have been very useful in the past, but at present tend to be somehow neglected. These include the On-Balance Volume, the Accumulation/Distribution indicator and the Open Interest.

As our objective is to continuously guide you through the process of enhancing your trading skills, we believe that the strategies we provide can be of use to you.