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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis

You will learn about the following concepts

  • Central Banks and Monetary Policy
  • Inflation Management Tools
  • Major Economic Indicators
  • Political Factors
  • Verbal Interventions
  • Force Majeure events

Welcome to the second chapter of Trading Pedia Forex Academy which expands your learning experience by stressing on vital macroeconomic and force majeure events. In Fundamental analysis chapter you will get familiar with the core of knowledge every trader uses on a daily basis in an attempt to read the market. The next 17 articles represent the cornerstones of Forex trading, thus by observing how market reacts towards them, you will get a comparable advantage and deeper understanding of ongoing processes in the economy as a whole.

In the following chapter you will get acquainted with terms such as Monetary Policy, Inflation rate, GDP, Labor Market, Producer Price Index, etc., and more specifically how they affect currency pairs. Also, in the last two topics we emphasized on non-economic news which could have a huge influence on Forex trading such as verbal interventions, politics, natural disasters and war. Those explanations supported by appropriate examples will define your trading style, so its greatly recommended to pay most of your attention on this chapter.

You are welcome to start with this chapter which would guide you through the set of articles. Join us, let’s continue our journey of becoming a successful trader!