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MetaTrader 4 Standard Toolbar – Terminal window

MetaTrader 4 Standard Toolbar – Terminal window

This lesson will cover the following

  • Positioning
  • Options

“Terminal” is a multifunctional window, that allows one the access to a variety of terminal features. This window allows to control over trading activities, view news and account history, set up alerts, work with the internal mail and system journal. This window can be opened by using the “View – Terminal” menu command, by using the key combination of Ctrl+T, or by pressing the Screenshot from 2014-08-05 15:53:13 button from the “Standard” toolbar. Several tabs are featured in the Terminal window:

Trade – here one can view the status of open positions and pending orders, as well as manage all trading activities. The overall financial result for all active positions is also presented in this tab.

Account History – this tab includes history for all performed trade operations and balance without taking open positions into account. The efficiency of all trading activities can be estimated with the results, presented in the current tab.

News – all financial news, released and entering into the Terminal can be viewed from this tab. This information is of key value for traders using fundamental analysis.

Alerts – a variety of alerts can be viewed and set in this tab. Any files, executable in the operational environment (including wave files), and messages to be sent by email can be used as alerts.

Mailbox – all messages entering into the Terminal via internal email are stored in this tab. In addition, electronic messages are sent from here.

Expert Advisors – this tab includes information about functioning of the attached expert, including opening/closing of positions, order modification, messages from the expert and so on.

Journal – this tab provides information about terminal launching and events during its operation. All trading operations, that have been performed, are also stored in the journal.

Some tabs of the “Terminal” window can be missing. This means they are empty at the moment. The “Expert Advisors” tab will remain hidden until a message from MQL4 program comes in.