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MetaTrader 4 Standard Toolbar – Profiles

MetaTrader 4 Standard Toolbar – Profiles

This lesson will cover the following

  • Positioning
  • Options

Profiles menu enables one to working with groups of charts. When a profile opens, each chart with its settings is placed exactly in the same location where it was before, after the profile has been saved. All changes in all chart windows of the given list are automatically saved in the current profile. The list of all chart windows of the current profile is to be found in the “Window” menu. The name of the current profile is displayed in one of the status bar windows and checked in the profile managing menu. When the terminal is installed, the profile by default (DEFAULT) is created. Initially, four major currency pairs are saved in the profile: “EUR/USD”, “USD/CHF”, “GBP/USD”, and “USD/JPY”.

Profiles are managed from a single menu, which can be called by the “File – Profiles” menu command, by pressing the Screenshot from 2014-08-06 12:42:29 button from the “Standard” toolbar, or by clicking with the left mouse button on the current profile name in the status bar window. In order to use another profile, one needs to select the desired name from the list in this menu. Upon the execution of this action, the new profile will be opened and become the current. The “Save Profile” command saves the current profile in its state by the moment of the beginning of the command execution under a new name. The new profile is a copy of the previous one and becomes the current. In order to delete profiles, one can use the “Remove Profile” command.

The “Next Profile” command and the key combination of Ctrl + F5 open all available profiles one by one, while the “Previous Profile” command and the key combination of Shift + F5 allow one to search profiles in the reverse direction.

The current profile and that set by default cannot be deleted.

A pre-defined profile can be assigned to a trade account in the client terminal. This profile must have a name that coincides with the number of the trade account. If there is a corresponding profile when switching to the given trade account, it will be opened automatically. If there is no pre-defined profile, the current profile will remain active.