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Major Currency Profiles

Major Currency Profiles

This lesson will cover the following

  • Profile of the US dollar and dollar index
  • Profile of the euro
  • Profile of the Japanese yen
  • Profile of the Swiss franc
  • Profile of the British pound
  • Profiles of the Canadian and Australian dollars
  • Profile of the Chinese yuan

The second part of our Day Trading guide will cover the specifics of the most traded currencies on the Foreign Exchange market. They will be presented to you in summarized profiles covering a wide range of factors influencing a currencys value – a general macroeconomic overview of the respective country, monetary policy and tools, as well as the most significant economic data releases.

We hope that by aggregating and providing this information in an easy-to-read structure we will assist novice traders in the choice of which currencies to trade, but also help intermediate traders learn something new and useful. In either case, feel welcome to to read what we have prepared for you!