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Fundamental and technical trading strategies

Fundamental and technical trading strategies

This lesson will cover the following

  • Carry trades
  • How to position according to bond spreads, central bank interventions etc
  • How to trade the news – in a proactive manner, in a reactive manner, combining both
  • How to position at breakouts from inside days
  • How to fade failed breakouts and how to sift them out
  • How to trade the sequence of moving averages

The third chapter of our Day Trading guide is comprised by day trading and a few swing trading strategies, based on fundamentals as well as technical indicators. Here we present different approaches of how to place your trade when taking into consideration bond spreads, commodity prices, movements in the stock market, Forex market interventions by central banks and more. We also demonstrate possible ways of making an entry using breakouts, failed breakouts, channels, sequence of moving averages, short-term momentum, volatility. Last but not least, we provide three approaches of how to trade key macroeconomic reports.