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Pepperstone is a leading forex trading platform which was established in 2010. It is owned by Pepperstone Group Limited and its headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. Six years after its foundation, its subsidiary, Pepperstone Limited, was launched with the aim to give European users the chance to access more advanced trading platforms and efficient customer support. It is regulated in the United Kingdom and Australia, however, the company also has offices all over the world – in China, Thailand, and in the United States.

The company was set with one goal in mind – to improve the trading experience of forex users by providing them with cutting-edge technology, well-versed customer support, fast execution and decent spreads. Pepperstone Group Limited is famous for being one of the best CFD and forex brokers on a global scale as it offers excellent trading conditions for all types of traders. The company has won several prestigious awards, including 2015 Australia FX Report by Investment Trends and 2014 Australian EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.


Pepperstone Group Limited, whose registered office is in Australia, has a license issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, often abbreviated as ASIC. Pepperstone Limited, which is registered in England and Wales, is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, known as FCA for short. The latter is responsible for protecting consumers in the United Kingdom by regulating financial markets and encouraging competition.

Another security measure which the company has taken in order to assure a high level of protection to its customers financial data is the fact that their accounts are kept segregated at National Australia Bank or at Barclays Bank PLC, depending on their country of residence.

Trading Instruments

Pepperstone offers several trading instruments which are suitable for all types of traders, regardless of their needs and personal preferences. Thanks to them, it is possible to trade across various platforms by choosing from multiple different types of commodities, metals and currency pairs. Lets have a look at all of the available trading instruments and some of their best features.


Forex is a global financial market for all types of activities associated with trading currencies, including buying, selling and exchanging. This foreign exchange market involves two main participants – commercial and speculative traders. Up to the present, it is the largest market of this type the world over as its trading volume surpasses the impressive figure of $1.5 trillion on a daily basis.

The forex market is recognized as one of the most flexible and rewarding markets on a global scale which is the reason why its popularity is gradually increasing. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers extremely low costs for beginners and demo accounts that are free to use which make it suitable for novice traders. If you opt for Pepperstone, you will be provided with a full access to the forex spot market and you will be able to take advantage of various currency pairs, including GBP, USD, EUR, and CHF.

Index CFD

Contract for difference /CFD/ is a trading instrument which features a deal between a broker and a client. In such cases, one of the two parties, the seller, signifies his agreement to pay the difference between the price of the particular asset at the time of signing the contract and its current price. The contract is set each time in accordance with specific circumstances and thus, the outcome of the deal can be different. This means that it is possible for the difference to be either positive or negative and depending on this factor, the buyer will either make a profit or lose money instead.

Pepperstone gives traders the opportunity to take advantage of low latency CFDs thanks to which they can sell and buy 13 stock indices without any commission. This trading instrument has been specially optimized to suit the needs of institutional traders and to help the institutional trade flows. Thanks to the Index CFDs this company offers, it is possible to access various global trading markets which open many new opportunities for all types of traders.

Precious Metals

Trading precious metals has always been a center of attention to many traders as the price of these assets is not dependable on a single country, quite the contrary, it is determined by the whole world instead. With Pepperstone, it is possible to buy and sell various metal pairs such as Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum which are traded against the Euro or the US Dollar. The company offers these types of trading instruments with a maximum leverage of 500 to 1 and a minimum trade size of $0.10. Another great advantage is the fact that there are no commission fees, regardless of the commodity pairs you are about to trade.


When it comes to trading energy products, the global economy, as well as the environmental and political conditions, play a crucial role in the demand for these types of commodities. At Pepperstone, it is possible to trade oil and gas products on both platforms cTrader and MetaTrader 4, regardless of the account you possess.

It is possible to choose from two spot commodity pairs – XTI/USD and XBR/USD, depending on the place from which the oil is produced. The latter is derived from the North Sea and it is known as UK oil. Whereas, XTI/ USD is greatly influenced by the events that take place in Northern America which is the reason why it is referred to as US oil.

Another energy commodity which you can trade is natural gas. It is a product whose price depends on various factors such as issues related to gas supply and price of fossil fuel as they directly have an impact on its demand. It should be noted that no commission fees apply on any of the commodity pairs and that the maximum leverage is 500 to 1.

Soft Commodities

Pepperstone also gives you the opportunity to enter the dynamic market of soft commodities which is full of big investors and suppliers. Since the world population is on the rise, these types of commodities are most likely to stay on demand in the long-term future. Pepperstones soft commodities on offer include products such as coffee, orange juice, cotton, cocoa and sugar.

Trading Platforms

Pepperstone offers a total of 11 leading platforms for trading which can be accessed via various modern devices.





MetaTrader 4
MT4 Webtrader

MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform at Pepperstone is available for Windows and Mac OSX and it provides you with valuable information about the current trading trends, including real-time quotes, charts and news. It has a very easy-to-navigate interface and it gives you the opportunity to customize various aspects of your trading experience which will improve your performance significantly. Depending on the operating system your computer uses, the key features, the platform has, can vary. It should be noted that the company is planning to release soon an improved version of the platform – MetaTrader 5.


Thanks to WebTrader, you have the freedom to open your MetaTrader 4 account directly from the web by using your most trusted browser. WebTrader is a cloud-based trading platform which gives you the opportunity to trade without having to install or download any additional software. With its user-friendly interface and one click trading feature, Pepperstones WebTrader has made it possible for a number of traders to do business with ease.

Smart Trader Tool

Pepperstones Smart Trader Tools are designed to ease the trading process as much as possible and to provide traders with world-class management, up-to-date market data and broadcast facilities, all of which they can access via MetaTrader 4. Correlation Trader and Matrix, Market Manager, Excel RTD, Sentiment Trader, Stealth Orders, Trade Simulator and Terminal are some of the trading apps which are part of this package.

Android and iOS Trading Apps

There are native MetaTrader 4 apps for Android devices, iPhones and iPads which provide you with state-of-the-art forex technology for trading. Thanks to them, you have the flexibility and freedom to trade at any time and place you wish, directly on your mobile device. It is possible to trade from multiple devices at once and keep updated about the real-time exchange rates with a single tap.


The Pepperstones cTrader platform has been specially designed to suit the needs of traders of all levels. Its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for both novice and professional traders as it enables them to easily navigate through it. By using cTraders dedicated platform, you will be able to take advantage of various special features such as detachable charts, level II pricing and advanced charting techniques. It should be noted that the platform is currently in process of developing, however, it is expected to be released in the near future.

Payment Methods

At Pepperstone, you can choose from a wide range of payment methods with which you can make deposits and withdraw money. Some of the payment methods which you can use in order to fund your account are PayPal, Poli Instant Banking, Neteller, MasterCard Secure Code, Verified by Visa, Skrill, Bank Transfer, China Union Pay and others. When it comes to opening an account, you can do so in various currencies, including GBP, USD, AUD, EUR, CAD, CHF, HKD, NZD and others.

Although the company doesnt charge any fees for both withdrawing and depositing money, certain payment methods might require transfer fees which are separate from Pepperstone. It should be noted that it is not possible to transfer funds on the behalf of someone, meaning that the companys policy towards making deposits doesnt permit third-party payments. Therefore, in order to make a payment, you need to use a bank account whose name matches the name of your Pepperstone Trading profile.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
$200No FeesInstant or a few hours
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours
-No FeesInstant or a few hours

Account Types

Pepperstone offers its customers the chance to choose from four types of accounts – Standard, Razor, Active Traders and Islamic.

The first type is the Standard Pepperstones account which gives you access to its Interbank spreads and it allows you to initiate commission-free trading. Thanks to it, it is possible to take advantage of various trading instruments, including forex, precious metals and some commodities.

If you opt for the second type, you will be provided with the opportunity to benefit from deep Interbank liquidity. It is possible to open a Razor account in various currencies, including EUR, GBP and USD. The commission fee that applies is AU$ 3.5 for every 100,000 traded. In order to open an account, you need to deposit AU$200 or the equivalent of your currency.

The Islamic account aims at helping traders who cannot arrange payments because of religion-related issues. No commission applies and the maximum trade size is 100 lots. The spread type of this account is straight through processing.

Last but not least, there is a special account for Active traders and Institutional Partners. If you decide to open such an account, you will be able to benefit from various extra features. For instance, you will receive efficient assistance from a dedicated manager who will help you analyze your needs and determine the best way to achieve your goals quickly.


Pepperstone users can contact a customer support representative via live chat, email and phone. Regardless of which contact option you choose, you will be able to receive adequate support from a well-versed agent. There are several phone numbers and emails which you can use, depending on the office you wish to contact. The website is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, English, German and others.

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