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XM Group

XM Group (XM) is a group of regulated online brokers. Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd was established in 2009 and it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC 120/10), Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd was established in 2015 and it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC 443670) and XM Global Limited was established in 2017 with headquarters in Belize and it is regulated by International Financial Services Commission (000261/158).

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74.07% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


XM Group is regulated by CySEC (Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd), ASIC (Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd) and IFSC (XM Global).

XM Group gives top priority to its clients funds which are stored in segregated accounts to ensure security. Also, all clients benefit from Negative Balance Protection, so they are never at risk of losing more than their account balance.

Trading instruments

With XM Group clients are granted access to trading the following instruments:

Forex Trading

The forex market can be accessed 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, and it operates through a global network of private entities, corporations and banks. Its nonstop operation offers clients a unique opportunity – an instant reaction to latest financial news and events.

There are no limitations to who can start trading the Forex market. Regardless of skills, age, education or geographical location, it is open to all those who want to increase their income and are ready to invest with the smallest amount possible.

XM Group provides a tradable list of over 60 currency pairs (majors, minors and exotics), leverage up to 30:1, tight spreads on pairs and no re-quotes. Clients will be charged with no commissions or hidden fees.

*Leverage applies to the EU regulated entity of the group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded.

Equity Indices CFDs

Stocks can be traded either through exchange or through over-the-counter markets. This way companies are allowed access to capital, while investors – ownership opportunity, or to earn profits from future performance. Equity markets also provide traders with the opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

Clients are allowed a cost-effective and direct access to the global equity markets with no extra fees or commissions.

Precious Metals CFDs

Metals such as Gold and silver are considered by market players to be stores of value in times of economic, political or other uncertainty, as they anticipate that their price is more likely to withstand economic downturns than any other type of assets.

Prices of gold are not dependent on levels of production and consumption, unlike other types of commodities. Gold is an excellent instrument clients may use in order to hedge against other markets in times of economic or political uncertainty. Prices of silver, on the other hand, tend to be more dynamic than prices of other metals, as silver is widely used in a number of industries.

With XM Group clients can trade precious metals with no re-quotes, no extra fees or commissions.

Energies CFDs

Energy products have highly volatile prices, that reflect a mixture of political an environmental factors. The state of global economy is also a key factor, causing influence on demand for these commodities. Weather patterns can affect prices of energy products as well, especially when they lead to production and delivery disruptions of crude oil, natural gas or heating oil, for instance.

Oil is also considered as a safe haven investment, as demand for the commodity could be stable even when equity markets worldwide perform below par. Oil is a 24-hour market providing constant price movement, which lures day traders to take advantage of it with the help of CFDs.

With XM Group clients are free from overnight financing on oil CFDs as well as extra fees or trade commissions.

Crypto Trading

XM Group enables clients to trade CFDs on various cryptocurrencies against the US dollar.

Stock CFDs

Trading of Stock CFDs is a great instrument which allows clients not only to access companies from all over the world but also receive dividend.

Turbo Stocks

Turbo Stocks is an instrument with huge leverage which is suitable to more advanced traders. No voting rights, nor dividend is available when trading this instrument.


With XM Group can access some of the most popular commodities on the US exchanges including Cocoa and Coffee.


Trading Shares is a great way to obtain a fraction of a stock in highly-values company. Although there are some taxes, this instrument enables investors can benefit from the share (amount of fractions) in full, including receiving a fractional dividend.

Trading platforms

XM Group offers its clients a variety of platforms.





MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5

XM Group MT4

Developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp., MetaTrader4 provides enhanced trading flexibility in Forex, CFDs, and futures. The platform allows clients to take advantage of a wide spectrum of functions, aimed to improve trading efficiency. With XM Group MT4 clients are able to:

  • work with expert advisors, built-in and custom indicators
  • trade using 1 click
  • handle a vast number of orders
  • create various custom indicators and different time periods
  • manage history database, export/import historic data
  • take advantage of a full data back-up and security
  • do complete technical analysis using more than 50 indicators and charting tools

XM Group MAC MT4

The XM Group Mac MT4 is a Mac Application of the MT4, which allows the platform to operate on Apple Computers without the need of Parallel Desktop or Boot Camp. With XM Group MAC MT4 clients are able to:

  • work with expert advisors, built-in and custom indicators
  • trade using 1 click
  • handle a vast number of orders
  • create various custom indicators and different time periods
  • manage history database, export/import historic data
  • take advantage of a full data back-up and security
  • do complete technical analysis using more than 50 indicators and charting tools

Meta Trader 5

  • Use single login for seven platforms
  • As low as 0 pips spread
  • Hedging allowed
  • Trading in one click
  • Over 300 instruments


With XM Group WEBTRDER 4 clients can trade with convinience from their PC or Mac with no re-quotes and no rejections. Using this platform they are able to:

  • work with a large number of financial instruments
  • conduct trades with their existing open positions, handle pending orders, equity, margin/free margin/margin level, and balance
  • work with an unlimited number of charts simultaneously
  • take advantage of an improved visual representation of trading instruments
  • take advantage of a full data protection


With XM Group MT4 MULTITERMINAL clients are able to:

  • trade Forex, CFDs and futures
  • simultaneously manage more than 100 accounts using one platform only
  • take advantage of multiple order types


With this platform clients can directly access their accounts while on the go, with real-time quotes of financial instruments being provided. Clients are able to:

  • manage and monitor open positions, exposure and equity
  • open/close instant and market orders
  • place/remove pending orders (buy/stop, sell/stop, buy/limit, sell/limit, stop/loss, take profit)
  • monitor online news
  • take advantage of complete trading security


With this platform clients can directly access their accounts at any time and from any place, with real-time quotes of financial instruments being provided. Clients are able to:

  • manage/monitor active positions, exposure and equity
  • access advanced charting with technical analysis
  • conduct trading operations on a multi-panel user interface
  • open/close instant and market orders
  • place/remove/modify pending orders (buy/stop, sell/stop, buy/limit, sell/limit, stop/loss, take profit)
  • take advantage of a full support for portrait/landscape orientation


This platform allows access to real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll, 30 technical indicators, and direct trading on an all-in-one user interface. By using XM Group Droid Trader, clients are able to:

  • monitor and manage open positions, exposure and equity
  • open/close instant and market orders
  • place/remove/modify pending orders (buy/stop, sell/stop, buy/limit, sell/limit, stop/loss, take profit)
  • monitor online and financial news
  • monitor live prices on Forex, CFDs and metals


XM.com is the next-generation financial service provider of online trading, offering a wide range of features for trading Forex and CFDs (precious metals, equities, indices, energies). What makes XM Group one of the best brokerages out there are the advanced platforms for trading mobility and flexible trading conditions for over 100 financial instruments.

Trading efficiency and customer satisfaction are ensured by the variety of trading platforms, which allow you to trade on any device on-the-go. XM Group follows the “No Requote” policy which differentiates it from other brokers, as this is a common problem with many brokers in rapidly a moving market.

Dramatic changes in the Forex market are not rare to occur and can happen within a second, creating many trading opportunities. Times of high volatility are key for trading strategies employed by both beginner and professional investors, which is why XM Group ensures 100% order execution, with 99.35% of all in under 1 second.

Orders can be placed both online, or by phone – another distinctive feature. With XM Group you can trade 5 million with a simple click as the broker guarantees you fills on market orders up to 50 lots (5 million). However, for those of you that want to go bigger, you can do that by splitting the order into smaller trade sizes, or by requesting the full trade by telephone.

Additionally, XM Group guarantees fills on both stop-loss and limit orders up to 50 lots. If a holiday or a weekend gap occurs (from Fridays close to a Sundays opening or during the respective holiday break) XM Group executes all pending limit or stop orders at the first available market price for the corresponding position size.

Leverage and deposits

XM Group offers a standard for the industry flexible leverage of 30:1 and spreads on major currency pairs of as low as 1 pip. Traders can open a live account with as little as $5, or can practice on a demo account funded with $100 000 virtual currency. There are no upper limits on deposits and no fees on deposits or withdrawals.

Additionally, XM Group currently offers a $30 no-deposit bonus as well as the two-tier 50% and 20% deposit bonus. You can also participate in XM Groups loyalty program. Please bear in mind that Trading bonus and Loyalty program are not eligible for clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.

Moreover, you can receive other exclusive bonuses throughout the year either on a seasonal basis or by invitation. XM Group conducts regularly demo and Forex trading contests.

*Leverage applies to all EU regulated entities of the group. Leverage depends
on the financial instrument traded.


Currency PairMinimum Price FluctuationSpreadsValue of 1 lotLimit and Stop Levels
As low asAverage
AUDCADmicro0.000010.000210.000481000 AUD0.0016
AUDCHFmicro0.000010.000120.000471000 AUD0.0016
AUDJPYmicro0.0010.010.0481000 AUD0.099
AUDNZDmicro0.000010.000140.000421000 AUD0.0021
AUDUSDmicro0.000010.00010.000221000 AUD0.0005
CADCHFmicro0.000010.000240.000491000 CAD0.0018
CADJPYmicro0.0010.0130.0411000 CAD0.1
CHFJPYmicro0.0010.010.031000 CHF0.12
CHFSGDmicro0.000010.000220.000541000 CHF0.0028
EURAUDmicro0.000010.000230.000451000 EUR0.0012
EURCADmicro0.000010.000210.00051000 EUR0.0014
EURCHFmicro0.000010.000170.00031000 EUR0.00062
EURCZKmicro0.00010.02690.031000 EUR0.0592
EURDKKmicro0.000010.001060.001651000 EUR0.0026
EURGBPmicro0.000010.00010.00021000 EUR0.0005
EURHKDmicro0.000010.000740.00211000 EUR0.0052
EURHUFmicro0.0010.080.331000 EUR0.6
EURJPYmicro0.0010.010.0271000 EUR0.054
EURNOKmicro0.000010.001350.00491000 EUR0.0062
EURNZDmicro0.000010.000280.000821000 EUR0.0022
EURPLNmicro0.000010.002990.00471000 EUR0.0054
EURRUBmicro0.000010.01650.0371000 EUR0.0738
EURSEKmicro0.000010.001770.004751000 EUR0.0056
EURSGDmicro0.000010.000240.000621000 EUR0.0014
EURTRYmicro0.000010.001110.002251000 EUR0.003
EURUSDmicro0.000010.00010.000181000 EUR0.0004
EURZARmicro0.000010.002480.00961000 EUR0.0258
GBPAUDmicro0.000010.000120.000651000 GBP0.0016
GBPCADmicro0.000010.000150.00051000 GBP0.002
GBPCHFmicro0.000010.000160.000381000 GBP0.00178
GBPCZKmicro0.00010.0340.041000 GBP0.0732
GBPDKKmicro0.000010.00030.001861000 GBP0.006
GBPJPYmicro0.0010.010.041000 GBP0.108
GBPNOKmicro0.000010.00130.0051000 GBP0.0146
GBPNZDmicro0.000010.000350.00081000 GBP0.0036
GBPSEKmicro0.000010.00330.00951000 GBP0.014
GBPSGDmicro0.000010.000420.000941000 GBP0.0034
GBPUSDmicro0.000010.00010.000261000 GBP0.00052
NZDCADmicro0.000010.000310.00071000 NZD0.0018
NZDCHFmicro0.000010.000210.000581000 NZD0.002
NZDJPYmicro0.0010.0140.0461000 NZD0.14
NZDSGDmicro0.000010.000340.00081000 NZD0.0022
NZDUSDmicro0.000010.000110.00031000 NZD0.0008
SGDJPYmicro0.0010.0330.0531000 SGD0.14
USDCADmicro0.000010.00010.000221000 USD0.00052
USDCHFmicro0.000010.00010.000261000 USD0.0005
USDCZKmicro0.00010.0210.0221000 USD0.042
USDDKKmicro0.000010.00020.0011000 USD0.0034
USDHKDmicro0.000010.001090.00141000 USD0.0026
USDHUFmicro0.0010.1010.3211000 USD0.52
USDJPYmicro0.0010.010.021000 USD0.04
USDMXNmicro0.000010.00170.00551000 USD0.0103
USDNOKmicro0.000010.000520.0031000 USD0.0078
USDPLNmicro0.000010.000720.0021000 USD0.007
USDRUBmicro0.00010.01850.0281000 USD0.0456
USDSEKmicro0.000010.000290.00281000 USD0.0082
USDSGDmicro0.000010.00030.00061000 USD0.0014
USDTRYmicro0.000010.000690.001871000 USD0.0028
USDZARmicro0.000010.011490.01571000 USD0.0206
Currency PairMinimum Price FluctuationSpreadsValue of 1 lotLimit and Stop Levels
As low asAverage
AUDCAD0.000010.000210.00048100000 AUD0.0016
AUDCHF0.000010.000120.00047100000 AUD0.0016
AUDJPY0.0010.010.048100000 AUD0.099
AUDNZD0.000010.000140.00042100000 AUD0.0021
AUDUSD0.000010.00010.00022100000 AUD0.0005
CADCHF0.000010.000240.00049100000 CAD0.0018
CADJPY0.0010.0130.041100000 CAD0.1
CHFJPY0.0010.010.03100000 CHF0.12
CHFSGD0.000010.000220.00054100000 CHF0.0028
EURAUD0.000010.000230.00045100000 EUR0.0012
EURCAD0.000010.000210.0005100000 EUR0.0014
EURCHF0.000010.000170.0003100000 EUR0.00062
EURCZK0.00010.02690.03100000 EUR0.0592
EURDKK0.000010.001060.00165100000 EUR0.0026
EURGBP0.000010.00010.0002100000 EUR0.0005
EURHKD0.000010.000740.0021100000 EUR0.0052
EURHUF0.0010.080.33100000 EUR0.6
EURJPY0.0010.010.027100000 EUR0.054
EURNOK0.000010.001350.0049100000 EUR0.0062
EURNZD0.000010.000280.00082100000 EUR0.0022
EURPLN0.000010.002990.0047100000 EUR0.0054
EURRUB0.000010.01650.037100000 EUR0.0738
EURSEK0.000010.001770.00475100000 EUR0.0056
EURSGD0.000010.000240.00062100000 EUR0.0014
EURTRY0.000010.001110.00225100000 EUR0.003
EURUSD0.000010.00010.00018100000 EUR0.0004
EURZAR0.000010.002480.0096100000 EUR0.0258
GBPAUD0.000010.000120.00065100000 GBP0.0016
GBPCAD0.000010.000150.0005100000 GBP0.002
GBPCHF0.000010.000160.00038100000 GBP0.00178
GBPCZK0.00010.0340.04100000 GBP0.0732
GBPDKK0.000010.00030.00186100000 GBP0.006
GBPJPY0.0010.010.04100000 GBP0.108
GBPNOK0.000010.00130.005100000 GBP0.0146
GBPNZD0.000010.000350.0008100000 GBP0.0036
GBPSEK0.000010.00330.0095100000 GBP0.014
GBPSGD0.000010.000420.00094100000 GBP0.0034
GBPUSD0.000010.00010.00026100000 GBP0.00052
NZDCAD0.000010.000310.0007100000 NZD0.0018
NZDCHF0.000010.000210.00058100000 NZD0.002
NZDJPY0.0010.0140.046100000 NZD0.14
NZDSGD0.000010.000340.0008100000 NZD0.0022
NZDUSD0.000010.000110.0003100000 NZD0.0008
SGDJPY0.0010.0330.053100000 SGD0.14
USDCAD0.000010.00010.00022100000 USD0.00052
USDCHF0.000010.00010.00026100000 USD0.0005
USDCZK0.00010.0210.022100000 USD0.042
USDDKK0.000010.00020.001100000 USD0.0034
USDHKD0.000010.001090.0014100000 USD0.0026
USDHUF0.0010.1010.321100000 USD0.52
USDJPY0.0010.010.02100000 USD0.04
USDMXN0.000010.00170.0055100000 USD0.0103
USDNOK0.000010.000520.003100000 USD0.0078
USDPLN0.000010.000720.002100000 USD0.007
USDRUB0.00010.01850.028100000 USD0.0456
USDSEK0.000010.000290.0028100000 USD0.0082
USDSGD0.000010.00030.0006100000 USD0.0014
USDTRY0.000010.000690.00187100000 USD0.0028
USDZAR0.000010.011490.0157100000 USD0.0206
SymbolDescriptionMinimum Price FluctuationValue of Minimum Price FluctuationValue of 1 lotMin/Max Trade SizeMargin Per 1 LotLimit and Stop Levels
Cash Indices
AUS200CashAustralia 2000.1AUD 0.1AUD 1 * Australia 200 index1/250704
EU50CashEU Stocks 500.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * EU Stocks 50 index1/500404
FRA40CashFrance 400.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * France 40 index1/350404
GER30CashGermany 300.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * Germany 30 index1/150854
HK50CashHong Kong 501HKD 1HKD 1 * Hong Kong 50 index1/65045020
IT40CashIT40Cash1EUR 1EUR 1 * Italy 40 indexJa-8025030
JP225CashJapan 2251JPY 1JPY 1 * Japan 225 index1/1250025010
NETH25CashNetherlands 250.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * Netherlands 25 indexJa-0051
SPAIN35CashSpain 351EUR 1EUR 1 * Spain 35 index1/15014015
SWI20CashSwitzerland 200.5CHF 0.5CHF 1 * Switzerland 20 index1/2001004
UK100CashUK 1000.1GBP 0.1GBP 1 * UK 100 index1/190703
US100CashUS Tech 1000.1USD 0.1USD 1 * US 100 index1/450303
US30CashWall Street 300.1USD 0.5USD 1 * Wall Street 30 index1/1001505
US500CashUS 5000.1USD 0.1USD 1 * US 500 index1/1000121
Future Indices
CHI50China A501USD 1USD 1 * China A50 index1/150USD 13015
CHIHSChina H Shares1HKD 1HKD 1 * China-H-Shares index1/1450HKD 15012
EU50EU Stocks 500.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * EU Stocks 50 index1/500EUR 404
FRA40France 400.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * France 40 index1/350EUR 406
GER30Germany 300.1EUR 0.1EUR 1 * Germany 30 index1/150EUR 856
HU14Hungary 141HUF 1HUF 1 * Hungary 14 index1/10000HUF 300180
JP225Japan 2251JPY 1JPY 1 * Japan 225 index1/12500JPY 25014
SINGSingapore Blue Chip1SGD 1SGD 1 * Singapore Blue Chip indexJa-00SGD 51
SWI20Switzerland 200.5CHF 0.5CHF 1 * Switzerland 20 index1/200CHF 1006
UK100UK 1000.1GBP 0.1GBP 1 * UK 100 index1/190GBP 704
US100US Tech 1000.1USD 0.1USD 1 * US 100 index1/450USD 304
US30Wall Street 300.5USD 0.5USD 1 * Wall Street 30 index1/100USD 1508
US500US 5000.1USD 0.1USD 1 * US 500 index1/1000USD 121
Commodity Futures
COCOAUS Cocoa1USD 1USD 1 * 1 Metric Ton1/100USD 7014
COFFEUS Coffee0.0005USD 5USD 1 * 10,000 LBS1/100USD 4500.002
CORNUS Corn0.0001USD 0.04USD 1 * 400 Bushels1/250USD 350.06
COTTOUS Cotton No. 20.0001USD 1USD 1 * 10,000 LBS1/100USD 1250.01
GSOILLondon GasOil0.01USD 0.04USD 1 * 4 Tonnes1/250USD 802
HGCOPHigh Grade Copper0.0001USD 0.2USD 1 * 2000 LBS1/300USD 1500.01
NGASNatural Gas0.001USD 1USD 1 * 1000 MMBtu1/100USD 2000.07
OILWTI Oil0.01USD 1USD 1 * 100 Barrels1/100USD 750.1
OILMnWTI Oil Mini0.01USD 0.1USD 1 * 10 Barrels1/1000USD 7.50.1
PALLPalladium0.1USD 1USD 1 * 10 Troy ouncesJa-50USD 35010
PLATPlatinum0.1USD 1USD 1 * 10 Troy ouncesJa-50USD 6008
SBEANUS Soybeans0.0001USD 0.04USD 1 * 400 Bushels1/250USD 800.02
SUGARUS Sugar No. 110.0001USD 1USD 1 * 10,000 LBS1/100USD 1000.002
WHEATUS Wheat0.0005USD 0.2USD 1 * 400 Bushels1/250USD 100.02

Islamic accounts

Another distinctive feature adding to XMs already rich arsenal are Islamic accounts, which imply no swap or rollover on overnight positions, which is against the Islamic faith. These accounts bear the following features:

  • No interest/swap charges on overnight positions
  • No spread widening
  • No up-front commissions
  • No re-quotes, no hidden costs
  • Leverage up to 30:1
  • 100% real-time market execution
  • Same trading conditions as for other trading account types
  • Free and instant access to all trading platforms
  • Client Account Manager

Unlike other brokers which substitute additional fees by widening the spread on Islamic accounts, XM Group follows no such policies. The company believes that transferring the interest charge in another form of fee, also known as Swap-fee in disguise, is still a charge that covers the interest and dishonors the beliefs of its Muslim clients. “XM Group is firmly against such practices as it opposes to fair and ethical trading conditions.”


XM Group provides its clients with free market analysis from industry experts, including video tutorials, webinars and seminars, and supports the usage of Expert Advisors.

XMs multilingual customer support excels above its competitors, with every client being able to receive 24/5 dedicated support from their Client Account Manager. The brokers website is currently translated in 22 different languages.

Account Types and Payment Methods

XM Group accepts the most commonly used Multiple Local Payment methods including Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, etc.


XM Competitions is a newly added social feature which allows both professional and novice traders to compete with each other by building a portfolio.

Traders can participate in daily, weekly and monthly competitions and receive various prizes. Traders of the very top of the leaderboards can become a “Strategy Manager”.

Copy Trading

XM Copy Trading is another social feature which enables clients to follow other clients and automatically copy every their trade.

Clients can opt in to be an “Investor”, choose a strategy and decide how much to invest in. It is a great way for novice traders to get used to trading.

Eligible “Strategy Manager” can create their own strategies and patters. These can be shared with the community resulting in to 50% commission from the profits made through copying their strategies.

Are you ready to trade?