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Forex Trading with Neteller

neteller-forex-tradingNeteller is another e-wallet/e-money service that is publicly owned by the company of Optimal Payments PLC. Thanks to this service, people from more than 180 countries worldwide will have the chance to transfer money from and to merchants, including many gambling firms. But that’s not all – the users can also resort to the service of Neteller when they are trading Forex.

In case you are interested in the services of Neteller, you will be able to choose between two types of accounts – a premium one, also known as “Neteller VIP”, and a regular one. The VIP version includes features like low fees and so on.

It is really easy to sign up for an account. It is completely free and all you need to do is to visit Neteller’s official website. There are plenty of advantages of using Netteler for depositing to your Forex account and we will let you know how to make the most of the digital wallet and enjoy your Forex trading.

How to Fund a Forex Account with Neteller

If you have already funded your Neteller wallet, you can proceed to deposit money to your Forex account. After you have created an account at your preferred Forex broker, you can make a deposit via Neteller in no time.

The first thing you should do is head to the payments page and select the option for deposits. The next step is to enter the amount you wish to deposit and choose Neteller from the available payment methods. This will load a page that will prompt you to log in to your Neteller account. Unlike other services, you will not be asked to provide any type of sensitive information to confirm the transaction. Rather than that, you will need your user ID/email address and your password to gain access to your digital wallet. The final step is to verify the deposit and you will be ready to trade.

Once you confirm the payment, Neteller will make sure that your money will instantly appear in your Forex account. As you can see, the process is very fast and extremely easy to use which is why many Forex traders prefer to deposit via Neteller.

How to Withdraw from a Forex Account to Netller

Many Forex brokers will allow you to also withdraw your money via Neteller if you have used the service for your deposits. The entire payment process resembles the deposit steps and it is extremely easy to request a withdrawal via Neteller whenever you feel like it.

As usual, you will need to open the payments section of the online broker but this time, you will need to pick the withdraw option. Enter the amount you would like to cash out and select Neteller from the available payment options. This will enable you to withdraw your funds to your e-wallet.

Once you have chosen Neteller for your withdrawal, you will be redirected to another page which will ask you to provide the credentials you typically use to log in to your Neteller account. All that is left is to verify the transaction and your withdrawal request will be ready for approval. When you decide to withdraw from your Forex account via Neteller, your money will be transferred in about 1 to 2 business days.

Benefits of Using Neteller for Forex Trading

There are plenty of advantages that you will enjoy as a Forex trader if you resort to using Neteller for your trading funds. You can definitely benefit a lot if you decide to fund your Forex account via Neteller or cash out your money via the same service.

The striking simplicity of the method is one of the many reasons why you rely on Neteller for your Forex trading. You will be able to easily fund your trading account or request a withdrawal, any time you want to do so. Creating a Neteller account is also extremely easy and you can choose from various methods to upload money to your digital wallet.

Another strong point of the service is its speed as it will allow traders to embark on Forex trading any time they are ready to do so. When you deposit to your Forex account via Neteller, your fund will instantly appear in your balance. What is more, if you decide to initiate a withdrawal via the same digital wallet, you will receive your money in a rather short period.

The majority of Forex brokers will not impose any fees if you decide to deposit or withdraw via Neteller. This makes the payment solution a rather budget-friendly option when you decide to fund your trading account or withdraw your money.

Payments via Neteller are extremely safe which is yet another great reason to opt for using the e-wallet for your trading with Forex. As the company utilizes the latest security technologies, you can be sure that your funds are always properly protected and you can enjoy safe payments online. What is more, when you are using Neteller as a payment method at a Forex broker, you will not be asked to provide any type of sensitive information in order to complete a transaction. This only further proves the safety of the service which you can enjoy.

Disadvantage of Using Neteller for Forex Trading

Although there are plenty of advantages of utilizing Neteller as a payment method for funding your Forex account, there are also some disadvantages that you might want to take into consideration when trading Forex.

Although many Forex brokers will not charge you a fee for using Neteller as a deposit or withdrawal option, this e-wallet has pretty steep fees when it comes to uploading funds to your Neteller account. The deposit fees of this digital wallet vary somewhere between 1% and 7%, depending on the payment solution you are using. You should also keep in mind that some Forex brokers will charge you a fee for withdrawing via Neteller if you have not traded at all prior to the withdrawal.

While you can choose from quite a few deposit options for your Neteller wallet, the list of withdrawal options is restricted to just a few payment options which can be a tad inconvenient. Meanwhile, other options provide more withdrawal methods when you wish to enjoy your money.

Although Neteller is a pretty popular payment method, it is still restricted in some countries. This means that not all Forex traders will have the ability to use Neteller for their deposits and withdrawals at Forex brokers.

Fees and Limits When Using Neteller to Trade Forex

One of the good things about using Neteller for your deposits at Forex brokers is that rarely will you be charged any fees for that. In most cases, you can also withdraw your money from your Forex account via Neteller and not pay any fee for that. Keep in mind, however, that some Forex brokers may impose a surcharge for your withdrawals via Neteller if you have not done any trading with your funds.

The minimum for Neteller deposits really depends on the Forex broker you have decided to trade at. Despite that, generally speaking, the minimum amount you will be required to deposit at most Forex brokers is somewhere around €100. Keep in mind, however, that the minimum deposit can be even higher at some Forex brokers.

You can choose from various deposit options when you wish to upload funds to your Neteller wallet. Whichever method you set your mind on using, the fee that you will be charged for the deposit will be 2.5%. When it comes to withdrawing money from your Neteller account, you will be able to choose from several options and each one of them will levy a different fee.

If you decide to cash out your Neteller funds via a bank transfer, that will cost you a fee of $10, while wire transfers will incur a surcharge of $12.75. Money transfers via the digital wallet will impose a fee of 1.45% and the minimum you might be charged is $0.50. Meanwhile, if you decide to cash out your money via a Net+ Prepaid Mastercard, you may be charged a fee that ranges between 0% and 1.75%.

Neteller Chargeback on a Forex Account

If you have decided to embark on Forex trading, keep in mind that it is very important to find the right online broker to do so. While there are many factors that determine which choice is the right one, the safety of your money is one of the most important ones. Make sure that the Forex broker is properly regulated and licensed as this will help you tremendously if you happen to need your money back.

Trading Forex is definitely a risky endeavor and we cannot deny that there are some racket brokers that will try to take advantage of your money. If your account has been emptied without you having requested withdrawal or if you have not received your money from the Forex broker, requesting a chargeback is your best chance to get your funds back.

If you are trading at a properly regulated broker, you can simply contact the regulatory body and send them your transaction history. After that, the regulator will take matters in their hands and you can receive your money back.

Keep in mind that although using Neteller for your Forex trading can be very safe, you can hardly receive a chargeback, unless the loss of your money was the company’s mistake. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with the merchant, aka the broker, when you wish to request a chargeback.

Security When Trading Forex with Neteller

When you are comparing different payment methods for your Forex trading, you will notice that Neteller offers plenty of advantages. Security for your transactions is definitely one of them and many traders choose the e-wallet particularly for the safety levels it ensures.

Whether you initiate a deposit or a withdrawal at a Forex broker, when you use Neteller, you will not be asked to provide any type of sensitive information. Having to simply log in to your Neteller account to authorize a payment, adds another layer of protection to your personal information and money. Since the broker you have chosen for your Forex trading will not have access to any sensitive data, you can have peace of mind when you are handling your deposits and withdrawals at online brokers.

In addition to that feature, Neteller is also making sure that when you are uploading funds to your e-wallet or withdrawing money, none of your important information will be exposed to third parties with malicious intentions. As the data you share is always encrypted, no one will be gaining access to any sensitive information you might be providing during Neteller transactions. This is yet another reason why this digital wallet is considered one of the safest ways to fund your Forex account or withdraw your trading funds.


If you opt for payments via Neteller when you are trading Forex, you can expect fast, secure and easy transactions. Numerous trustworthy Forex brokers accept both deposits and withdrawals via Neteller, which gives the e-wallet users the freedom to enjoy hassle-free Forex trading. In most cases, you will not be charged a fee for using Neteller for your payments at a Forex broker which adds inexpensive payments to the other positive features of the e-wallet.

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