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Forex Trading with Bank Transfer

bank transferAlthough nowadays there is such a wide choice of innovative payment solutions, bank transfer has managed to retain its popularity. This is one of the banking methods that need almost no presentation as most of us have already grown accustomed to utilizing it on a regular basis.

Although the main purpose of this payment method is to send money from one location to another, it can also be used to deposit funds into a variety of online accounts, and more specifically, into your account on a Forex broker’s website.

Despite the fact that Forex traders might have a hard time picking a payment solution for their deposits and withdrawals, especially when you consider the vast range of options they can pick from, many of them set great store by this way of payment.

Nowadays, bank transfers can be arranged via the telephone or online, which means that Forex traders will be saved the hassle to go to the bank so as to wrap up the payment.

How to Fund a Forex Account with Bank Transfer

How to Fund a Forex Account with Bank TransferForex trading can be extremely thrilling, but before you get down to speculating, you will need to upload some funds into the balance of your trading account. What makes this banking solution so increasingly popular with traders is that they are not required to jump through hoops in order to handle their deposits.

When you wish to get into Forex trading and deposit your funds via bank transfer, you will be prompted to fill in a short form where you need to provide the name of the bank where you have an account, select the country, provide the address of the bank, your account number, your BIC code, and IBAN. Before you confirm the transaction, you should be satisfied that all this data is entered correctly. When they specify the amount they wish to upload, traders should authorize the transaction and wait until their funds show up in the balance of their account.

Handling your deposit using your online banking might turn out to be a rather efficient and prompt option for some traders. First off, you need to navigate to the section dedicated to payments, input the preferred deposit amount, and pick bank transfer as their option of choice. After this, traders will be asked to provide their online banking credentials such as username and password in order to log into their online banking account. The last step is to fill in the form and confirm the transaction. Traders will be good to go to speculating on Forex in a matter of a few minutes.

How to Withdraw from a Forex Account Using Bank Transfer

How to Withdraw from a Forex AccountOn most occasions, traders will be able to retrieve their profit from the Forex trading platform conveniently and without any hassle. Once you have logged into your trading account, you will need to opt for fund withdrawal. Then, you will be prompted to pick the bank where you have an account and pick a currency, in which you would like to handle your cashout.

Most of the time, traders will be able to ascertain whether their transaction is already wrapped up by checking out the history of their account. Keep in mind that for their most part, brokers endeavor to handle the cashout requests within 24 hours at a maximum. Following this, it might take 3 to 5 working days until your funds reach the balance of your bank account.

Traders should always see to it that they have entered all the needed information accurately. Doing this is of utmost importance as if any mistake is made, they might end up waiting even longer to take their profit. If there is a certain inconsistency in your banking details, you may also be prompted to pay additional fees.

Another key thing to bear in mind when retrieving your profit from the preferred Forex trading platform is that you will only be able to do this, given that the name of the recipient and the name you have provided when establishing your account are the same.

Benefits of Using Bank Transfer for Forex Trading

bank transfer benefitsOne of the things that should influence your choice of a payment method when speculating on Forex is security and reliability. Needless to say, this is one of the aspects in which bank transfers shine brightly as your deposit will come straight from the bank you are using the services of. It is nearly impossible for traders to fall victims of any unscrupulous practices also because they will not be required to use the services of a middleman as is often the case with some of the online banking solutions available out there. Moreover, since you are using the services of a financial institution, the transparency you will enjoy will be rather significant.

A primary reason why the payment method might turn out to be a good fit for Forex traders is that it makes for the transfer of larger sums. The better part of the payment solutions come with limits that do not live up to the expectations of Forex traders when deposits and cashouts are concerned. Professional traders will not be prevented from speculating on Forex as they will have the chance to upload significant sums and in some cases, there might not be a ceiling on withdrawals.

Bank transfer poses an exceptionally straightforward payment solution, no matter whether you have been using it for years or this is the first time you opt for it. Deposits and cashouts are carried out in an uncomplicated fashion, and the case in which an issue might arise is when you have not entered the needed data properly. On all other occasions it is unlikely that any bugs or issues will arise.

Another great feature of the payment solution is that bank transfer doubles as a cashout method as well. Forex traders will have the chance to move their profit from their brokerage account to the balance of their bank account with the same ease and efficiency. In fact, this gives the payment method a great advantage over many other payment processors that are available only when traders are looking to upload funds in their accounts.

Another great plus of the payment method is its accessibility as almost all Forex traders have a bank account and if they do not, it is extremely easy to open such. Finally, there are loads of Forex trading platforms that process payments through bank transfer. This allows traders to pick and choose the platform that best fits in their needs and requirements.

Disadvantages of Using Bank Transfer for Forex Trading

bank transfer disadvantagesWhile they are trying to figure out whether bank transfer will accommodate to their needs and preferences, Forex traders should pay attention to the downsides of the payment solution as well.

Despite its benefits, this way of payment does not go without its faults, with one of the biggest disadvantages being the fees that will be charged. As it turns out, the commission some brokers tend to impose on transactions through bank transfer, especially cashouts, might turn out to be quite substantial. This is precisely what makes many traders turn their eyes to another more affordable banking solution.

The large delays are yet another drawback of utilizing bank transfer when speculating on Forex. Unlike the better part of the modern payment methods that make for nearly instantaneous deposits and cashouts, the scenario with bank transfers will be a bit different.

This rings true, especially when traders want to retrieve their profit as this process may go up to 5 or even more business days. It may take even longer for your payment to be cleared given that you have requested a cashout during a public holiday as in such cases, the waiting times might be prolonged further. On some occasions, the situation might be compounded further if an issue arises between the broker and the bank.

Fees and Limits When Using Bank Transfer for Forex Trading

fees and limits bank transferAs mentioned above, the cost of the transactions via bank transfer tends to put many traders off this payment method. An important thing to have in mind is that each bank has its own fees and charges, and it would be best if you acquaint yourself with them in advance.

As it seems, the fees turn out to be rather sizeable when cashouts are concerned. On some occasions, traders will need to pay a percentage of the amount they are going to retrieve while in others, the commission might be a fixed amount. In the first instance, you might end up with a dramatically diminished trading capital, which is a situation most traders will be uncomfortable with. One of the things traders should not overlook are the conversion fees. Sometimes, depending on the requirements of the broker, traders might need to convert their local currency in USD for example, which would entail fees as well.

On the positive side of things, there are also brokers that do not apply a commission on transactions via bank transfer. In terms of limits, some brokers allow the transfer of as little as $100 or in some cases, even $50.

Bank Transfer Chargeback on a Forex Account

bank transfer chargebackSometimes, even singling out the brokers might not guarantee that you will not end up on a tight spot. Even though it is not such a common occurrence, some traders end up with a zeroed account, and the support desk of the broker seems to be unable or unwilling to assist. What most of you are asking themselves now is what to do next.

It might seem to you as something rather obvious, but a precaution traders can take is to look for brokers that already have a long-standing presence. There are several things you can do in the event that you have ended up defrauded. Your first alternative is to get in touch with the respective FX regulator that has issued the license of the platform you have been utilizing.

Chargebacks are positively one of the major considerations for Forex traders, this procedure can help them deal with the predicament without getting assistance from the authorities. Although this option may not be available when using some of the other payment processors, this is not the case with bank transfers. What will be required to do is to send a chargeback request, and of course, to come up with evidence that you have fallen victim of an unscrupulous broker.

Another essential thing to bear in mind is that Forex trading is a risk-high enterprise. We do not want to leave you under the impression that we are trying to discourage you from speculating on Forex, but you should be mindful of the fact that this undertaking involves large risk, and you should always be prepared to lose.

Security When Trading Forex With Bank Transfer

bank transfer securityOne of the main reasons why Forex traders tend to turn their eyes to bank transfer is that this payment solution is inherently secure. What renders this payment processor so reliable is that the transfer of funds is carried out between the bank where you have an account and the bank of the broker. This leaves almost no room for any issues to arise, which is essential, regardless of the environment in which you are making payments.

Moreover, banks utilize various modern and robust security systems, which should give traders the peace of mind that their funds will be in safe hands. Another thing that should make you less anxious when handling your payments through bank transfer is that banks need to abide by different regulatory guidelines, and they fall under rigorous scrutiny whether they do so. Banks also give their customers the chance to add extra safety to their transactions, which also lessens the chances for any irregularities. This can be achieved through extra means of authentication of the payments.


ConclusionWhile speculating on Forex, it is not important only to find a broker that will take great care of their customers, but also to find a payment solution that will be a good fit for your needs as a trader. Bank transfers are always an alternative that is worth giving some attention to because of their security and straightforwardness. The higher transaction limits are yet another reason why traders might be enthusiastic about employing the payment solution. Yet, the prolonged processing times and higher fees should also be taken into account if you are yet to come to the decision whether to opt for this payment method.

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