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Bitcoin Guide

Welcome to our Bitcoin Trading Guide

You will learn about the following concepts

  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Types of cryptocurrencies
  • Buy/Sell Bitcoins
  • Bitcoins Trading Management

Over the past few years, blockchain technology has been a subject of hot debates and has lured the attention of analysts, the media and members of the wider public alike. It has proven to be an invention with notable capabilities and tremendous potential for improvement in the future. It is also the key driving force behind Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies.

In the present guide we dedicate several articles to explain what exactly stands behind the term of “blockchain” and what its advantages, limitations as well as some of its implementations are. Then, we shift our focus on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency specifically and take a look at its historical account, its key features as well as the opportunities involving its buying, selling, storing and spending.

The second part of the guide is structured in a way that encompasses all relevant aspects of trading Bitcoin with fiat means – in other words, by using over-the-counter instruments known as Contracts for Difference, offered by on-line brokerages. We cover key topics such as leverage and margin, money management, types of orders and trading styles as well as several trading strategies based on technical indicators. Last but not least, we present a list of on-line brokers that currently provide their clients with the opportunity to trade Bitcoin CFDs.