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EU agrees on reduction of super-potent greenhouse gases

EU members struck a deal on Thursday to reduce usage of super-potent greenhouse gases in fridges and air conditioners, which comes as part of the bloc’s broader initiative to slash CO2 emissions.

The European Union nations are expected to completely phase out the usage of hydrofluorocarbons by year 2050.

“Such substances have highly negative impacts on the health of our planet and must be phased down. The agreement is an important step in our common goal to fight climate change,” Spain’s climate minister Teresa Ribera was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Under the deal, sales of products that contain fluorinated gases will be gradually banned. Different timelines will be applied depending on the products. According to Reuters, a complete fluorinated gas ban on split air conditioning and heat pumps will come into effect from 2035.

“F-gases are relatively unknown, but have a huge climate impact. With today’s agreement we ensure that we quickly get rid of these super greenhouse gases,” Dutch lawmaker Bas Eickhout was quoted as saying by the same media.

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