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Types of Binary Options and Underlying Assets

Welcome to our Binary Options Academy

You will learn about the following concepts

  • Call and Put binary options
  • One-touch and no-touch binary options
  • Double one-touch and Double no-touch binary options
  • Boundary and 60-seconds binary options
  • Types of underlying assets
  • Currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices

In the following chapter of our Binary Options Academy we will spend some time discussing the most commonly traded types of binary options, as well as the most preferred underlying assets. We will cover the basic and widely-traded Call and Put binary options, as well as the riskier, but also higher-yielding, one-touch and no-touch binary options. We will try to explain as clear as possible for what type of market conditions each type is best and hopefully help you raise your success rate.

Next, we will turn our attention toward the types of underlying assets, which form the base of binary options trading, namely currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. We will speak about the peculiarities of each family of financial instruments and what type of traders typically choose each one of them. In the end of the chapter we will take a closer look at some of the most traded instruments and point out their main characteristics, which should help you select the ones that suit your trading type the best. By the end of this guides section, you should have gained a fairly good overview of the binary options market and should be able to make your first steps in this exciting and revolutionary world of trading. Let us begin with the topics.