Forex Trading Mentoring Program

I. Overview

overviewOur mentoring program is dedicated to individuals who want to improve their knowledge about the financial markets, particularly the Foreign Exchange market, and make online trading their main source of income.

II. Fees and Charges

fees-and-chargesWe do not charge any fees for participating in our trading mentoring program. We carefully select only those of you who have at least basic experience in trading and can spend a minimum of few hours per day in learning and improving.

III. Who can participate?

who-can-participate1. All non-US traders. As much as wed want to welcome each one of you, due to the specific FX regulations traders from the USA cannot join our program.

2. Age – you must fulfill the age requirements for trading in the financial markets set by the regulatory bodies in your respective country.

3. English – you must have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken, since all the learning materials and correspondence with us will be carried out in English.

4. Free time – you must be able to spend at least two hours per day in learning and testing

IV. Timetable and choosing the individuals.

timetable-and-choosing-the-individualsThe process of selection will encompass three stages which are aimed at filtering out those of you showing the biggest interest and possible commitment to trading. These are:

1. A basic test designed to assess how familiar you are with the financial markets.

2. A phone interview aimed at discussing all the details surrounding our mentoring program, as well as getting to know more about you.

3. Creating a customized education program for each of our selected participants.

4. The program kicks off in February.

V. How is the education organized?

how-is-education-organized1. You will receive materials in PDF format which should guide you through the learning process.

2. We will be conducting online tests to review and cement your knowledge.

3. You will be able to watch live trading sessions to expand your understanding.

4. We will be answering your questions via live chat, e-mail or on our forum.

5. For any arisen problems you will also be able to contact us via telephone.

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