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Bitcoin discounted on Binance.US after fiat withdrawal halt news

According to digital assets data provider Kaiko, Bitcoin traded at a slight discount on Binance.US during the June 9 trading hours. The drop followed the exchange’s decision to suspend fiat trading channels beginning June 13.

This development starkly contrasts the two days preceding it, during which the cryptocurrency traded at a significant premium on the same exchange. Kaiko further revealed that the trading price of Bitcoin on Binance’s American arm was slightly lower than on Kraken and Coinbase.

However, Bitcoin had returned to trading at a premium on Binance.US. The BTC/USD pair was priced at $25,836, which was $126 higher than the price on Coinbase, according to TradingView.

U.S. SEC pushes legal action

The legal action taken by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Binance.US has had a significant impact on the broader crypto market. The action particularly affects the dynamics of the BTC/USD trading pair.

Following the SEC’s attempt to freeze Binance.US assets, Bitcoin began trading at an unusually high premium on the exchange. This was primarily due to reduced liquidity on the platform as nervous investors started withdrawing their assets.

As the exchange requested users to withdraw their dollars before June 13 deadline, a wave of selling occurred as traders hurried to cash out their Bitcoin. Consequently, this resulted in a temporary decrease in the price of the BTC/USD pair.

During the prolonged volatility phase in May, an accumulation phase began, causing top exchanges to lose many Bitcoin tokens. According to the Santiment graph, Bitcoin supply on exchanges has steadily decreased over the past month, with recent events in the last week contributing to a more pronounced decline.

As of the time of publication, Bitcoin was priced at $25,748.19, experiencing a 3.15 percent decrease in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the week, it has seen a nearly 6 percent plunge in value.

Suspended services

Following the current legal action against Binance.US, crypto holders are left wondering about the consequences. Many individuals are speculating on how market changes in the United States may affect the price of Bitcoin.

There is a noticeable divergence when comparing year-over-year changes in Bitcoin supply across different regions. The strong dominance of U.S. entities witnessed during 2020-2021 has reversed, with U.S. supply dominance declining by 11 percent since mid-2022.

However, European markets have stayed essentially balanced over the last year, while supply dominance has increased significantly during Asian trading hours.

With Binance.US recently announcing the impact of SEC’s crackdown and the suspension of certain services, Bitcoin holders in the U.S. can no longer directly use their bank accounts to withdraw or deposit funds.

Additionally, Binance.US notified customers that its banking partners are getting ready to temporarily halt withdrawal channels for USD starting from June 13, 2023. This action can further reduce the dominance of Bitcoin supply in the region and weaken its influence on the market.

A recent outflow of funds from Bitcoin indicates that more holders are withdrawing their holdings. This may be due to growing fear, uncertainty, and doubt. On June 8, there was a negative flow of over 26,000 Bitcoin as withdrawals surged. However, as of now, there is a positive flow of over 3,000 Bitcoin.

Additionally, there have been minimal gains in the daily chart of Bitcoin. Most recent reports showed Bitcoin traded with a profit of less than one percent at around $26,700. This slight price increase is causing the ongoing bear trend to weaken, as indicated by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator. is a financial media specialized in providing daily news and education covering Forex, equities and commodities. Our academies for traders cover Forex, Price Action and Social Trading.

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