Forex Brokers By Country

forex_countriesFind the best Forex brokers according to your country of origin. We list the most reputable brokers where you can trade currency pairs, equities, CFDs, options and ETFs.
1. Sweden Forex Brokers
The foreign exchange market in Sweden is definitely one of the major players when it comes to international foreign exchange market.
2. Oman Forex Brokers
Oman is far from one of the most popular countries when it comes to foreign exchange trading, but this doesn’t mean that you are not able to start your forex career there.
3. Qatar Forex Brokers
Qatar is another country that is not among the list of nations known for their foreign exchange markets.
4. Forex Brokers Romania
The currency of the country is Romanian Leu while at the same time here is another legal tender – the transferable ruble. It is now used as Mutual Economic Assistance balances.
5. Forex Brokers New Zealand
The first official currency of New Zealand was introduced back in 1840 and it is called New Zealand pound.
6. Netherlands Forex Brokers
Find the top rated Forex brokers in Netherlands reviewed by Binary Tribune.
7. Kuwait Forex Brokers
Speaking of the Middle East, the availability of Forex trading has been proven popular in Kuwait. There are a lot of different investors trying to diversify their portfolio and use a various set of assets,
8. Denmark Forex Brokers
The central bank of the country is Denmark’s National Bank and it is entirely responsible for the monetary policy.
9. Canada Forex Brokers
The Canadian dollar is one of the major currencies and it is considered to be the sixth most held currency as a reserve. It is often called ‘’loonie’’ because of the loon on the back of the coin of 1 cent.
10. UK Forex Brokers
The United Kingdom’s foreign exchange market has indisputably always been one of the largest operational markets, and it definitely doesn’t look as if this is going to change any time soon.

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