Investors agree: Apple is losing edge in innovation

appleCompanys shares slipped by 40% from last years high as investors are loosing confidence of Apple ability as a tech innovator. Following a poll by Bloomberg, 71% of respondents declare that company is falling behind. Of whom 28% suggest this is a permanent trend while 43% believe its a temporary fall and Apple surely will rebound. There are still 23% who trust company represents the best in business. Six percent remain unsure.

Apple is till most profitable company piling $41.7 billion last year. One thing that has changed is appearance of many competitors for the most selling Apple products. “The company has focused on innovation around same products which is not really an innovation” according to Gala Prada, head of pension funds and portfolio manager. “Samsung is taking the lead by producing a very high quality products” says Prada.

The poll taken by Bloomberg Global Poll clearly confirms Apples performance at the stock market and firmly states a trend which could take the company on the same course as Microsoft more than decade ago.

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