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Libertex Mobile Trading App

Libertex is a regulated mobile broker that gives traders access to the financial markets via two intuitive native apps. Mobile traders can download the free applications either from the brokerage’s official website or by navigating to the official Google Play and App Store platforms.

They will benefit from instant withdrawals and a range of risk management tools that can improve their performance on the markets. Beginner traders can take advantage of the option to practice with free demo accounts, loaded with $50,000 in virtual trading credits. The dedicated apps are compatible with Android Lollipop and iOS 10+.

The broker’s technical team constantly updates and improves the app to ensure a smooth trading experience for all investors, regardless of what device they use. The apps stand out with a myriad of convenient features, including fast trade closing, a simple interface, and over 250 financial instruments, ranging from indices and stocks to cryptocurrencies, commodities, and Forex pairs.

Account Types at Libertex Mobile App

Newcomers to Libertex, who are reluctant to start trading for real money just yet, can download the user-friendly apps and open demo accounts with $50,000 in free credits. Traders who are confident enough in their competence have a choice from two live account types – a retail and a professional one.

Retail Accounts at Libertex

The retail accounts available via the Libertex mobile apps are equipped with an array of cool features, starting with high execution speeds for your orders and negative balance protection. The account can be registered in several languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Dutch, English, and Spanish.

The registration process is so easy that you can start trading within under a minute. During registration, traders will be asked several trading-related questions to determine their level of competence.

Once you sign up and deposit for the first time, the app will prompt you to upload some documents for validation purposes. The rule of thumb with Libertex is to validate new accounts within a three-business-days window.

Live retail accounts are equipped with the so-called Multiplier Feature and allow for trading with leverage. The leverage is country-specific and depends on the financial regulations in your jurisdiction. Leverage varies between instruments as well as you shall see later when we discuss the range of financial markets offered by Libertex.

Registered users who sign into their accounts have access to a loyalty program that treats them to various perks. Note that if you sign up for a free demo account, you will be able to switch back and forth between your demo and live account within the app. This is greatly beneficial to mobile traders since it enables them to test new trading strategies without exposing their real funds to risk.

Professional Accounts at Libertex

Libertex also offers professional trading accounts to customers of greater experience. This allows them to trade with considerably greater leverage that reaches up to 600:1 depending on the financial instrument. As normally is the case, customers must meet certain criteria to become eligible for professional accounts.

They need to possess relevant experience in trading as well as to have performed a minimum of ten significant transactions within the last months. Also required is to have a portfolio of at least $500,000. Note that you are not expected to deposit this amount to your balance. You simply need to prove your portfolio is of at least this size.

Said portfolio should contain derivatives, shares, and debt instruments. The ownership of commodities and properties will not do for this purpose. The professional account has a negative balance protection and entitles you to the services of a financial ombudsman. The negative balance protection preserves clients from losing more money than the sum deposited into their accounts.

Also essential is to point out that professional traders at Libertex, being more competent and all, enjoy lower protection levels compared to customers who have retail accounts. To upgrade a retail account to a professional account, you must fill in and send an application for changing your client status. The form can be downloaded from Libertex’s official website.

Libertex Mobile App Trading Instruments

The mobile app of Libertex provides mobile traders with on-the-go access to over 200 financial markets. Here you can trade with currency pairs (majors, crosses, and exotics), stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and Exchange Traded Funds. Just keep in mind the instruments you can invest in might differ depending on where you register from.

Forex Currency Pairs

The mobile app of Libertex gives Forex traders a diverse enough choice from over forty currency pairs, including major ones like USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD. Crosses like CAD/JPY and exotic pairs like CHF/SGD are also offered.

However, if you are new to trading, it would be best to avoid experimenting with the crosses and exotics, or at least in the beginning until you gain enough experience. You are better off sticking to the majors because of their lower volatility.

These also give you access to maximum leverage of 30:1 if you are an EU retail customer, with a margin requirement of 3.33%. Minor pairs come with lower leverage of 20:1 and a 5% margin.


If you seek to diversify your trading portfolio by introducing more volatile instruments, Libertex’s mobile app gives you the chance to trade with a variety of cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you have an immense choice from Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Qtum, zCash, Stellar, Iota, Cosmos, Maker, Chainlink, Ontology, Ripple, and many others. The platform also shows you the strength of the cryptocurrencies’ price movements, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your trades.

Stocks and Indices

The mobile app of Libertex offers more than 50 stock Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Before you proceed to invest in this instrument, you should take into account these markets are very highly volatile. With this in mind, you can trade the stocks of some of the biggest companies across Europe, North America, and Latin America.

The companies are sorted by sectors. You have a choice from sectors such as technologies, industrials, materials, health care, telecommunications, consumer goods, and finance, among several other categories. Stock trading is available for large corporations like Google, Microsoft, Intel, Adidas, Nike, eBay, Mastercard, American Express, and more.

Mobile traders can reduce their volatility by investing in indices, which are basically batches of stocks of multiple companies. Therefore, the indices represent measurements of the performance of baskets of companies’ stocks and reflect specific areas of the markets. Here you can choose from major European, Asian, and North American indices like the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, FTSE 100, and the Chile Index.

Soft and Hard Commodities

Trading in commodities is another way to add more diversity to your mobile trading portfolio. As a rule of thumb, commodities are riskier financial instruments because their price movements are influenced by factors that are tough to accurately predict, such as weather conditions, natural disasters, and geopolitics.

At Libertex, you can trade with as little as $10 in assets like crude oil, gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, heating oil, natural gas, coffee, cocoa, soybeans, corn, sugar, and wheat. A variety of timeframes are available for your positions, ranging from one minute to up to a month. You can also make use of detailed technical analysis and a range of trends, volatility, and oscillator technical indicators.

ETFs Trading at Libertex

Mobile traders who decide to join Libertex are also presented with the option to invest in Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs. These represent baskets of securities that track underlying indices. An ETF may consist of many different types of investments, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, hard and soft commodities. Libertex provides a choice from iShares MSCI Mexico, iShare China, iShares MSCI United Kingdom, and iShares MSCI Germany ETFs, to name a few of the options.

Libertex Mobile App Fees and Spreads

Libertex offers the standard market execution of mobile traders’ orders and ensures very transparent and fair trading conditions for its customers. One thing that makes this mobile brokerage stand out from the crowd is the absence of spreads on clients’ trades.

Instead, the broker imposes competitive commissions but the exact percentages differ based on various factors. Accounts with higher balances have greater status tiers and therefore, get to enjoy lower commissions. The tiers depend on what amount you deposit to your balance.

Another factor that plays a role here is whether you trade via the MetaTrader software or choose to use the proprietary platform of the brokerage. You must trade via the Libertex terminal to take advantage of the lower commissions. There are status levels, starting with the Gold Level which can earn you up to 3% lower commissions for cumulative deposits of $250.

The Gold Plus Level comes with a 4% lower commissions for total deposits of $1,450. This is followed by the Platinum Level where the commissions are up to 20% lower for overall lifetime deposits of $1,500. You progress to a VIP and VIP Plus status with a balance of $5,000 or $50,000, which earn you 30% and 40% lower commissions, respectively.

The final three statuses also offer additional priorities such as a premium customer support service and faster withdrawals. Bear in mind there is also a rollover fee charged as interest at the end of each trading day. This can be either negative or positive. Another crucial thing to mention about the commissions at Libertex is that they might be higher during times of greater market volatility or when the liquidity of a given market drops.

Libertex Mobile Banking

Mobile traders who become part of Libertex’s extended family can fund their accounts via a nice selection of safe banking solutions, including e-wallets, credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers, online banking processors, and rapid transfers.

If you are looking to fund your account while on the go, you must sign in via the app and navigate to the wallet tab. Then you tap on deposits and pick your desired banking solution. All you need to do after that is follow the instructions to complete the transfer of your funds.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$100No FeesInstantly
$100No FeesInstantly
$100No FeesInstantly
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
$100No Fees Up to 48 hours
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$10$1 3 to 5 business days.
$10$2 to $101 and 2 business days
$101 and 2 business daysInstant


Libertex provides mobile traders with various deposit options, starting with debit and credit cards by Visa and Mastercard. Most of the available deposit solutions are commission-free, except for the virtual wallet Skrill where a charge of 1.9% is in place. The rest of the methods are free to deposit with.

Nearly all deposit solutions use the EUR currency for the money transfers. An exception is made for the regular bank wire transfer which supports GBP, USD, and EUR. It also has no minimum and maximum limits on the payments. Bank cards, Skrill, Giropay, Ideal, Trustly, the Polish method Przelewy24, Bitcoin, and the Portuguese Multibanko have limits of $100 to $10,000 per transaction.

The limits of the rapid bank transfer range from $100 to $5,000 whereas those for Neteller are $100 to $2,000. However, the rapid bank transfer is only available to traders domiciled in Spain, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Finland, and France.

Clients with a permanent residency in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain get the chance to deposit with the online banking platform Sofort, where the limits are from $100 to $3,000. As for the deposit timeframes, these are also method-specific.

If you are looking to conduct instant deposits and start trading immediately, you should choose debit/credit cards or the e-wallet Skrill. The bank wire transfer is the least time-efficient payment solution at Libertex, taking up to 5 business days. The rest of the available deposit options may require up to 48 hours to process.


You can request a withdrawal of your trading earnings in the same way – you log in, tap the Wallet icon, and then go to Withdraw Funds. The financial department of Libertex strives to handle withdrawal requests within a single working day.

Nonetheless, delays can occur at times, particularly when additional verifications are necessary for safety and regulatory reasons. This might extend the withdrawal timeframes in some instances.

As for the supported ways to withdraw from your Libertex account, you can cash out from your trading balance via standard bank transfers, the virtual wallets Skrill and Neteller, and your Visa bank cards.

There are no minimums and maximums for bank transfers. Skrill and Neteller allow for withdrawals anywhere between $10 and $2,500 while Visa supports cash-outs from $10 to $10,000 that require 3 to 5 business days.

Withdrawals carried out with the e-wallets are instant after they receive the approval of the Libertex financial department. Bank transfers within Europe are faster, taking between 1 and 2 business days. International transfers are less time-efficient and might require between 2 and 5 business days.

There are no commissions for withdrawal requests with Skrill but the rest of the accepted methods will cause you to incur additional fees. Libertex charges at a fixed rate of $1 for Visa withdrawals, 1% of the requested sum for Neteller withdrawals, and $2 to $10 if you cash out with a bank transfer.

Libertex Regulation

The Libertex Group fully complies with all legalities of the jurisdictions it operates in. The mobile broker services clients under the authorization of a valid license from Cyprus. Since the company hails from Limassol, Cyprus, it is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySEC.

Libertex offers its services to customers from over 110 jurisdictions, including major European markets like Austria, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, France, and Germany. In line with its licensing and regulatory requirements, the brokerage has posted a risk warning on its app to caution potential new traders that 83% of its retail customers lose their funds when using leverage.

The broker caters to its international customers by providing them with a support service in various languages, including Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, and French. The quality of the customer support service is unprecedented. It is not surprising Libertex has won more than thirty awards for excellence and innovation. The brokerage also offers negative balance protection as required by its regulator.


1. What trading software does Libertex offer?

Libertex is a multi-platform broker that gives its traders a choice from several types of trading software. It works with MetaTrader 4. The brokerage also has proprietary software that is very user-friendly and clean in terms of interface. In fact, we suggest you give the proprietary platform a try if you are a beginner. Novice customers often find it more intuitive and easier to work with compared to MetaTrader.

2. What is the maximum leverage I can use?

Retail customers from the EU can use maximum leverage of 30:1 for major Forex pairs, 20:1 for crossed Forex pairs, major indices and gold, 10:1 for all other soft/hard commodities and minor indices, 5:1 for individual equities, and 2:1 when trading with cryptocurrencies. The lower the leverage, the more of your own money you will need to invest to open a position. Those who are professionals can use maximum leverage of 600:1.

3. How can I validate my newly registered profile at Libertex?

Under the regulatory scope of CySEC, Libertex requires new clients to verify their trading accounts. This should happen within fifteen days of processing your first deposit. To do this, you must upload colored copies of both sides of your ID. Also possible is to use your driving license. You must also provide a recent bank statement or a utility bill that has been issued within the last six months.

4. What features does Libertex offer to improve my mobile trading experience?

Mobile traders at Libertex have a choice from 9 timeframes, from a single minute to a whole month. You can also benefit from several types of charts, including candlesticks, lines, bars, hollow candles, area, and Heiken Ashi charts.Technical and trend indicators are available. Another useful feature is the ability to switch from your live to your demo account, especially when you are looking to experiment with new trading strategies. Switching between the two takes a couple of seconds only.

5. Does the Libertex app offer educational materials and what are they?

Yes, novice mobile traders can master the basics of trading thanks to the Libertex trading course. The course is divided into five individual lessons for beginners that tackle subjects like the Libertex multipliers, stop losses, take profit orders, and how to work with the Libertex platform. There is also a section with economy and company news. The brokerage sometimes organizes free webinars where you can ask the presenters questions in real-time.


The Libertex mobile apps for iOS and Android offer a plethora of benefits, starting with their intuitive interface. You will experience no problems when placing your orders, not to mention there is an impressive variety of trading instruments to choose from. On the downside, there are additional charges on payments made with certain banking solutions, which is one area the broker can improve in.