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Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets is a trusted brokerage with over a decade of experience in delivering high-performing trading products and services to traders worldwide. The company executes over 1.5 million trades each month and boasts a monthly trading volume of $100 million. Over 70,000 clients have registered accounts with Moneta Markets at the time of writing, which hardly surprises us considering the numerous benefits this fully regulated broker has to offer.

Among these are round-the-clock customer support, lightning-fast payments, and the availability of over a thousand tradable instruments, including forex currency pairs, commodities, stocks, stock indices, bonds, and exchange-traded funds. Spreads with certain account types start at zero pips. Registered traders at Moneta Markets can benefit from daily market updates, economic calendars, and trading calculators.

Trades can be executed via several robust platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Pro Trader, and ZuluTrader. Moneta Markets enables customers to choose from three types of live accounts to accommodate traders of all styles. Risk-free testing of the broker’s services is possible via demo accounts. Moneta Markets has won multiple awards since its inception, including CFD Platform of the Year and Best Forex Broker for Beginners.


Moneta Markets prides itself on being a fully regulated online broker that ensures the highest levels of customer protection and transparency. The company has obtained licenses from the South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA).

The broker adheres to strict auditing and security policies that aim to protect clients and their capital. Retail customers will benefit from negative balance protection and have their funds stored in a segregated trust account at an AA-rated bank that ranks among the twenty safest financial institutions in the world. This alone guarantees your money is very well protected against potential insolvency on the broker’s side. As for negative balance protection, its purpose is to prevent clients who trade with leverage from going into the red whenever the markets swiftly move against their trades.

The site is operated by Moneta Markets Limited, an entity that has offices in Johannesburg, Hong Kong, and Providence (Seychelles). Licensing and regulatory restrictions prevent the brokerage from accepting trades from certain countries. Moneta Markets currently disallows traders who reside in the United States, Canada, the UK, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, and Australia from registering and using its services. The full list of countries restricted from trading with Moneta Markets is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the broker’s website.

Trading Instruments

Moneta Markets truly rises to the occasion when it comes to trading instruments variety. The broker specializes in the provision of contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading and offers more than 1,000 tradable instruments across different asset classes like forex, hard and soft commodities, indices, and stocks.Portfolio diversification is easy with Moneta Markets where trading with bonds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) is also possible. Clients looking for greater exposure can take advantage of maximum leverage ratios of 1,000:1. Spreads at Moneta Market are very tight, especially on ECN accounts where they start at zero pips for major forex pairs.

Forex Trading

Moneta Markets gives you the opportunity to trade with over 45 currency pairs at sharp spreads as low as zero pips. Registered clients of the brokerage who are new to the foreign exchange market can build up their knowledge and experience by trading low-volatility majors like EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD, among others. Minimum leverage starts at 100:1 for most major currency pairs, with a minimum tradable volume of 0.01 lots.

Minor currency pairs, or crosses as they are also known, are readily available at Moneta Markets. Customers can dabble in pairs like EUR/AUD, EUR/CAD, GBP/CHF, and NZD/JPY, to mention a few options. Versed traders can increase their volatility by introducing exotic currency pairs to their portfolios for diversification purposes. The broker caters to experienced investors with 18 exotic pairs, including NZD/SGD, EUR/SEK, AUD/CHN, and USD/MXN.

Apart from the versatile range of currency pairs, forex traders have access to a sentiment indicator powered by TradingView. The feature allows you to view and compare ask and bid ratings across different currencies based on several technical indicators. Technical analysis is available for different timeframes, ranging from one minute to a month. The broker also works in partnership with HokoCloud to deliver a robust and highly efficient forex VPS service that greatly improves order execution speed.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading through contracts for difference is also possible at Moneta Markets, which provides a choice from 19 soft and hard commodity markets. Energy commodities pose a great choice for clients of the brokerage who are looking for larger profit potential. The options from the energy category include natural gas, crude oil, heating oil, and gasoline.

Precious and semi-precious metals are great portfolio diversifiers and can be used as a hedge against inflation. Moneta Markets allows customers to trade gold against USD and AUD with maximum leverage of 1,000:1. Silver is another option but the maximum leverage is lower at 100:1. Those who open positions for copper can leverage their trades at a maximum ratio of 20:1.

Several types of soft commodities are available for trading at Moneta Markets, including coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton, and orange juice. The broker restricts the maximum leverage to 33:1 for all agricultural markets except cocoa and coffee where the ceiling is set at 50:1. The allowed tradable volume for commodities ranges from 0.01 to 50 lots, depending on the products clients invest in.

Indice Trading

Moneta Markets gives you quick and hassle-free access to the global indice markets, allowing you to trade the world’s most liquid indices with leverage via the Pro Trader and MetaTrader 4 platforms. Clients can have a pick from 23 popular indices, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, DAX40, FTSE 100, Hang Seng, Nasdaq 100, Nikkei 225, and S&P/ASX 200.

Most of these are available for trading through contracts for difference, although Nasdaq 100, Hang Seng, and the Dow can also be traded via futures contracts. Either way, you have access to leverage but the exact ratios are index-specific, ranging from 20:1 to 1,000:1. The same goes for the minimum tradable volume which fluctuates between 0.01 and 50 lots.

Stock Trading

Trading with stock CFDs poses a lucrative alternative to speculating on more conventional markets like forex. Moneta Markets provides a wealth of opportunities to stock traders, allowing them to speculate on the price movements of the shares of the biggest and most liquid companies in the world, including heavyweights like Amazon, Apple, Google, Alibaba, Visa, Pfizer, and Intel.

The available stocks are conveniently grouped into categories based on region. The broker ensures sufficient coverage of all major players on the European, British, and North American markets. It gives you access to more than 700 stocks. The margin requirements are region-specific. Stocks of US companies generally require a 3% margin, while those of UK and European companies have a 5% margin requirement attached to them.

EFT Trading

Seasoned traders who join the ranks of Moneta Markets can further diversify their portfolios and gain more exposure by investing in exchange-traded funds. ETFs combine different types of underlying assets, like stocks, indices, or commodities, that are traded on exchanges similarly to standard stocks. They partially resemble mutual funds but you can trade them throughout the day, unlike mutual funds which are available for trading only after the markets’ closing hours.

At Moneta Markets, savvy traders can explore over 50 ETF baskets and trade them on the MetaTrader 5 and Pro Trader platforms. This allows customers to invest in a broad range of markets, including energy, blockchain, sustainability, precious metals, and technology. Some of the most popular options for ETF investors include VanEck Gold Miner, ProShares UltraShort S&P500, iShares Global Clean Energy, and Global X Blockchain. ETF trades at Moneta Markets incur commissions of $6, so keep that in mind.

Bonds Trading

Knowledgeable customers of Moneta Markets can make the most of macroeconomic trends by investing in bonds and treasuries via the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Pro Trader platforms. Clients of the broker can trade bonds separately or use them as a hedge to protect themselves against currency trends. Bonds are associated with lower volatility compared to more conventional markets like the stock market but typically yield lower expected returns.

At Moneta Markets, you can reduce the overall risk of your portfolio by investing in bonds from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), and Euronext. Dabbling in Euro-Fund Futures is also possible. Bond trading at Moneta Markets comes with a 1% minimum margin requirement and lot size that ranges from 1 to 500.

Trading Platforms

Moneta Markets facilitates seamless trading across a broad range of portable and desktop devices, giving customers a choice from several robust platforms. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are available for desktop, browser, and mobile use. Copy trading at Moneta Markets is possible via the popular ZuluTrade and DupliTrade third-party platforms. Pro Trader gives customers instant in-browser access to the markets, offering them hundreds of technical indicators, drawing and analytical tools.





MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 4

Trading via the downloadable version of MetaTrader 4 is one of the options for customers who register with Moneta Markets. The platform poses a great alternative for clients looking to profit from the highly volatile foreign exchange market, although trading with stock indices and hard and soft commodities is an alternative. It arms users with a range of powerful tools for detailed technical analysis, including over 40 built-in technical indicators that can accommodate all trading styles. Traders can also build custom indicators and automated trading systems.

Additionally, MT4 supports various charting solutions and one-click trading. Performing in-depth fundamental analysis is also possible via an economic calendar that keeps users updated on the latest global economic events. Another benefit of using MT4 is that it allows for lightning-fast speed of order execution, which enables traders to capitalize on rapid price fluctuations. Moneta Markets traders can connect both their ECN and STP accounts to MT4.

MetaTrader 5

More advanced traders who sign up with Moneta Markets can upgrade to the MT5 platform which gives them access to over 300 global markets and comes with more functionalities, including 21 timeframes, custom expert advisors, and dozens of technical indicators. Seasoned investors can use oscillators to identify oversold and overbought market conditions. They can set up trading alerts and keep track of the latest happenings on the global economic scene via the built-in economic calendar.

A robust back-testing module is also incorporated into the platform, allowing users to effortlessly test new trading strategies. Traders looking for more flexibility can use MetaQuotes’ WebTrader platform, which enables them to access their MT4 or MT5 accounts in the browser of any desktop or mobile device of their choice. Users of the browser version will benefit from 30 common indicators, over 20 charting tools, and 9 different timeframes. Native apps for both MT5 and MT4 are available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Pro Trader

Pro Trader is another powerful platform available to customers of Moneta Markets. Powered by TradingView, the platform features a comprehensive range of charting tools and technical indicators like Fibonacci retracement lines and trendlines that facilitate trading with razor-sharp precision. It comes with over a hundred indicators available for immediate use and a dozen chart types.

Depending on their personal preferences, users can also switch from light to dark mode. Various customization options are available, allowing you to tailor your trading experience to your needs and style. Traders can better manage their risk with advanced orders like ‘take profit’ and ‘stop loss’. Best of all, Pro Trader is simple and intuitive to use despite the proliferation of features it comes with.


Customers of Moneta Markets can link their accounts to ZuluTrade, one of the most popular platforms for social trading in the world. It gives you access to the portfolios of highly successful professional traders and enables you to examine their trading strategies. Users can then separate the sheep from the goats based on their trading performance and results.

Once you single out the most capable traders, you can follow them and copy their trades. All positions they open or close will be automatically placed in your account at Moneta Markets. The database includes more than 10,000 professional investors but keep in mind you need a live funded account to copy trades with Zulu.


Similar to Zulu, DupliTrade enables you to automatically replicate the positions of well-versed traders into your own portfolio. You can single out traders to follow based on the instruments they invest in, their trading strategies, and style. All trades will subsequently be copied into your Moneta Markets account. One thing to bear in mind here is that your live account should have a balance of at least $2,000 for you to start assembling a portfolio of professional traders.

With that said, Moneta Markets customers can back-test investors’ portfolios via free demo accounts to identify the experienced traders whose style matches their individual needs and risk tolerance. The DupliTrade platform gives you access to a smaller pool of professional traders to follow compared to Zulu but the criteria for the selection of strategy providers are more stringent. Only the most proficient traders pass the test and are added to the Dupli database.

Payment Methods

Traders who are confident enough in their skills and knowledge can conveniently fund their live accounts via several broadly used payment solutions. Customers can conduct payments via the client portal on the website. There are also dedicated deposit and withdrawal pages on the website that clearly outline all available banking methods and their specifications.

Account holders can transfer money to their live balance via Visa, Mastercard, JCB, FasaPay, the Sticpay digital wallet, as well as with some cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and USDT, all of which facilitate instant transactions in real time. Depositing via international bank transfers is also an option but you should arm yourself with patience since they require between 2 and 5 working days to process.

You will incur no additional processing fees on behalf of Moneta Markets when depositing but keep in mind your financial institution may charge you extra for international bank transfers. The minimum deposit for most supported payment methods amounts to $50. Customers can request withdrawals back to their credit or debit cards or cash out with bank transfers, Sticpay, and FasaPay. It is worth noting that traders can deposit and withdraw only to payment solutions and cards that are registered in their name.

The brokerage does not charge additional fees for withdrawing unless you request your funds via an international bank transfer, in which case you will have $20 deducted from your trading balance. The processing times are method-specific but withdrawal requests are generally handled within a 24-hour timeframe. International bank transfers take between 3 and 5 working days to complete.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the brokerage only processes withdrawals during workdays, that is from Monday to Friday. In other words, the waiting times extend for those who attempt to cash out on weekends. We highly recommend you register your live account in your country’s national currency to avoid incurring additional fees for currency conversion. The broker offers several base currencies, including EUR, USD, NZD, JPY, CAD, GBP, HKD, SGD, and BRL. Some of these may be unsupported by your preferred payment solution, so we suggest you double-check before you deposit.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$50No FeesInstant
$50No FeesInstant
$50No Fees2 to 5 business days
$50No FeesInstant
$50No FeesInstant
$50No FeesInstant
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
-No Fees24 hours
-No Fees24 hours
-$203 to 5 business days
-No Fees24 hours
-No Fees24 hours
-No Fees24 hours

Account Types

The number of clients registered with Moneta Markets exceeds 70,000 which does not surprise us much considering the outstanding quality of the broker’s services. Unversed traders can start building expertise by setting up free demo accounts that closely replicate the live trading experience.

Traders confident in their knowledge of the markets can choose from several types of live accounts, including Direct STP, Prime ECN, and Ultra ECN. You must carefully consider the specifications of each account type before registering. The broker also caters to the needs of Muslim customers with swap-free trading accounts.

Demo Accounts

Novices can set up their free demo accounts in less than thirty seconds by filling in the registration form or signing up with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. Demo accounts enable new customers to test the broker’s services via the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms. Pro Trader is listed among the options too. Some features in the client portal are inaccessible in demo mode. Two types of demo accounts are on offer – Direct STP and Prime ECN.

Demo account holders face a choice from 8 base currencies, more specifically USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, HKD, NZD, and SGD. The maximum leverage is also configurable as Moneta Markets provides a choice from five leverage ratios, including 100:1, 200:1, 300:1, 400:1, 500:1 and 1000:1. Novice traders can start with an initial demo balance that fluctuates from $1,000 to $100,000, depending on their preferences. We recommend you make the most of your training in demo mode because free accounts expire 30 days after registration.

Direct STP Accounts

This type of account ensures straight-through processing (STP) order execution, which translates into improved trading speed and increased efficiency. There is no manual intervention in this case as all transactions are automated. Direct STP accounts support over 40 currency pairs, 7 bonds, around 19 commodities, 16 indices, and north of 700 stock CFDs. Trading bonds and ETFs is also an option.

They require a minimum deposit of $50 but you can boost your exposure by taking advantage of 1,000:1 maximum leverage. Spreads at Direct STP accounts start from 1.2 pips, with no additional commissions in place. This type of account is ideal for beginners who wish to finetune their strategies in a live trading environment.

Prime ECN Accounts

Prime accounts support the electronic communication network (ECN) type of order execution, which ensures greater transparency, lower trading costs, and greater market depth. The range of financial instruments coincides with that in Direct STP accounts, which is to say you can trade with indices, forex pairs, bonds, shares, commodities, and exchange-traded funds.

However, this type of account is associated with a higher minimum deposit requirement of $200. Due to the ECN nature of order execution, spreads are considerably lower and start at zero pips. On the downside, customers must pay a $3 commission per lot. Prime ECN accounts are a perfect fit for scalpers as well as for customers looking to trade automatically via expert advisors.

Ultra ECN Accounts

The Ultra ECN account is ideal for professional traders and fund managers looking for greater market depth and lightning-fast order execution speeds. Customers who apply for this type of account must fund it with at least $50,000 to start trading with Moneta Markets. The commissions are slightly higher compared to those in Prime accounts at $1 per lot per side but the brokerage compensates traders with ultra-low spreads from zero pips.

Traders interested in setting up professional accounts can apply by making the minimum required deposit and filling out the application form on the broker’s website. Certain expertise and experience criteria must be met to gain approval and have your professional account activated. Approved traders must not allow their balance to drop below the above-mentioned minimum amount or else they will have their accounts downgraded from professional to retail again.

Swap-Free Accounts

Moneta Markets offers swap-free accounts to customers whose religious beliefs prevent them from paying or collecting interest. With standard accounts, clients typically pay rollover interest, or swaps, for all trading positions that remain open at the end of the trading day. This is not the case with swap-free accounts where a nominal administration fee is charged, instead. With that said, positions that remain open for more than a week may start incurring swap charges from the eighth day onward.

Applicants must register, process a deposit, and fill in the swap-free form before they open any trading positions at Moneta Markets. The broker will then evaluate the applications and activate the accounts of qualifying customers. It is worth mentioning that only Direct STP and Prime ECN accounts allow for swap-free trading at Moneta Markets.

Customer Support

Moneta Markets customers will benefit from a highly efficient, speedy, and professional support service available in several languages, including French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese. The broker delivers exceptional customer service via several communication channels, starting with the live chat, which is the quickest way to receive assistance and answers to your queries.

Just tap or click the little blue button in the lower right corner and fill in your name, email, and query. A support agent will be with you shortly after. We tested the chat service on multiple occasions while conducting this review and established that the average response is less than half a minute. You can also contact the support staff by emailing them at support@monetamarkets.com. Giving them a ring is another option but the telephone line (+44 113 320 4819) is not toll-free.

Customers who experience any issues with Pro Trader and the two MetaTrader platforms can seek remote assistance via TeamViewer. The third-party software is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Traders must get in touch with a support member via the live chat to provide their TeamViewer ID.


Joining Moneta Markets is the ideal solution for traders looking for competitive spreads and low commissions. The broker offers a decent selection of financial instruments, although there is more to be desired in this respect. It caters to traders of all levels with several account types that offer very favorable conditions, including a swap-free option available to Muslim customers.

We consider this broker suitable for both expert and beginner traders due to the proliferation of educational materials on offer. Registered customers with funded accounts can improve their chances of success by participating in exclusive trading courses for forex and stocks. Over one hundred video tutorials are available, alongside an economic calendar, regular market updates, forex market sentiments, and calculators. One of the very few downsides of this brokerage is that it does not service traders from major financial markets like Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada.

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