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One of the Best Trading Platforms of the Year 2022
87.8% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.


Libertex is an advanced trading platform used by Indication Investments Ltd which is part of the Libertex group. Libertex specializes in stocks and CFDs trading and it has years of valuable experience in the global financial market. Founded in 2012 which makes it one of the oldest brokers of this type. The company has developed greatly and it has turned into a reputable broker which provides trading experience to hundreds of users from various parts of the world.

The online platform of Libertex was launched much later in 2015 and it operates in more than 27 countries. The company has won over 40 awards, including “Best CFD Broker Europe” (Global Brands Magazine, 2022) and “Most Trusted Broker in Europe” (Ultimate Fintech Awards, 2021). A number of traders from the EEA and Switzerland have opted for this trading platform as it offers them diverse trading.


The company’s name is Indication Investments Ltd which is based in Cyprus. It holds a license (number 164/12), issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, often abbreviated as CySEC. The latter is an independent authority which is responsible for regulating and supervising the financial market in the Republic of Cyprus.

Trading Instruments

At Libertex, you have the chance to trade with a variety of underlying assets or invest in real shares. Depending on your trading style and goal, you can choose the ones that suit your needs best. Libertex offers tradable CFDs, with underlying assets being commodities, indices, Forex, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and others. Investors can trade crypto CFDs with 0% commission fees. Libertex allows traders to use leverage that depends on their country of residence


Indices are one of the available asset classes which you will find at Libertex. It is possible to trade on some of the major stock indices from across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North and South America which play a crucial role in the financial world. Some of the most popular stock indices on offer include Dow Jones, FTSE 100 and S&P 500. The stock index number is used to indicate the top shares from a specific exchange. Indices have proven to be good indicators of the performance of the stock market in a certain country.


The company also offers forex trading thanks to which you can exchange different currencies. The trading process involves two currency pairs, one of which will be always more in terms of value. At Libertex, you have access to 7 major currency pairs such as GBP/USD, AUD/USD and EUR/USD and 21 cross pairs such as GBP/CAD, GBP/NZD, EUR/CHF and others. It is also possible to trade exotic and Russian Ruble currency pairs.


It is also possible to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies which can be traded for other traditional currencies through the Libertex platform. The available digital currencies of these types are two – Litecoin and Bitcoin. The price for Bitcoin is very dynamic as its value is determined by the demand as well as the volume of goods which can be bought for it on a global scale. Litecoin is the second most popular digital currency which can be used for both exchanging traditional currencies or buying commodities or services. Its price is strictly dependent on the demand and the supply for it.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are another available asset class at Libertex which is very popular among all levels of traders. It is possible to trade a total of five metals – Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium and Platinum. Gold has a solid reputation in the trading industry as one of the best assets for investment. Silver is considered to be the second best asset in terms of demand and supply and its price is partly dependent on the gold price as well. Palladium, Copper and Platinum are also good options, taking into account the fact that they are widely used in various sectors of the industry.

Oil and Gas

At Libertex, you have the opportunity to trade several types of oil and gas – heating oil, WTI crude oil, Brent crude oil, light sweet crude oil and Henry Hub Natural Gas. The prices of oil are typically determined by the demand and supply balance, macroeconomics and geopolitics. The price of natural gas also depends on various factors, including weather conditions, supply and demand balance and oil prices.


Trading shares is another option you have when it comes to trading instruments. It is possible to choose from various sectors, including Technologies, Industrials, Energy, Finance, Health care and others and find the most suitable companies for you. Some of the major stocks include eBay Inc, Twitter Inc, Google Inc, Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp, Adobe Systems Inc and others. Share prices are mainly influenced by the individual performance of the respective company as well as on its earnings.


Agricultural commodities are considered a very powerful trading instrument as these assets are used by both novice and professional traders. The available assets of this type are cocoa, sugar, corn, coffee, soybean and wheat. The latter is a major source of food which is exported by various countries, including Japan, Russia, Argentina, Canada and others. Coffee is among the most consumed beverages on a global scale and its price is affected by the season as well as the harvest.

Corn and soybeans are valuable crops whose price strictly depends on the season. It should be noted that their contract liquidity is affected to a great extent by their delivery time. In this sense, the contract liquidity gradually increases as time goes by and the crops expiration date is approaching. However, once there are only a few days left before the expiration, the liquidity decreases significantly. Sugar and cocoa are other two valuable products which are worth trading because of their high demand.

Trading Platform





MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5

With Libertex you can trade on MT4, MT5, Libertex Web Platforms, as well as IOS and Android apps that are available for trading. Traders can use an inhouse platform which works very well on desktop and mobile. Its web-based trading platform has a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for novice traders thanks to its plain design. This platform has a variety of special features which creates a diverse trading experience. For instance, it is possible to add to favorites a particular underlying asset which enables you to find it instantly next time you need it.

Moreover, you also have the chance to choose the way you view the chart and its time frame. In order to gain access to the financial markets, there is no need to download and install any software. The platform runs smoothly on various mobile devices, including Android and iOS ones. For faster access and connection, you can download the dedicated Libertex app directly from Google Play Store or from Apple App Store. Thanks to it, you can trade at any time and place you wish.

Payment Methods

In order to fund your Libertex account, you have the chance to choose from several payment methods – Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Skrill, PayPal and others. The availability of the payment methods also depends on your country of residence and the local regulations that are applicable to them. You can open a real-money account in various currencies, including GBP, PNL, CHF, and EUR.

It should be noted that if you don’t use your account for more than 180 days (i.e. there is no trading, no open positions, no withdrawals or deposits), it becomes inactive. Bear in mind that there are also tight spreads and commission fees which applywhen you make a trade via this platform.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No Fees3-5 days
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
€100No FeesInstant
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
€10€11-5 days
€10€11-5 days
€10, 10 GBP, 10 CHF or 50 PLNNo FeesInstant
€10No FeesWithin 24 hours
€101%Within 24 hours
NoNo Fees3-5 days

Account Types

At Libertex, there are three types of accounts on offer – invest account, CFD trading account, and demo account. All bring you trading experience as long as you know how to take full advantage of them and use them properly. If you are not confident enough to start trading with your own funds, you can opt for the demo account. All that is required in order to open such an account is an email address and a password. Once you have registered, you will receive $EUR50,000 play money which you can use to practise how to trade.

The second account which you can open is real-money trading account. In order to activate the account, you need to fill in the onboarding questionnaire and make your first deposit. You can choose between a CFD trading account or an Invest account. Regardless of which account you opt for, you will be able to access the platform through your mobile device, without having to register once again.


In case you need assistance, you can contact the support team via phone, live chat, or email. In general, the latter option is considered to be the fastest one as it directly connects you to a member of the customer support team. The platform offers customer support services in multiple languages, including English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese.

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