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FXTM, abbreviated from ForexTime, is an award-winning trading website that started its operations in 2011. It was founded by the experienced trading expert Andrey Dashin. The company has received many different accolades over the past eight years. One of its latest achievements is winning in the category of Best Trading Experience at the 2019 World Finance Awards.

This success would not have been possible if FXTM did not offer a high-caliber trading experience to its users. It gives them the benefit of tight spreads, low minimum deposits, deep interbank liquidity, and leverage based on customers’ individual knowledge and experience level.

Here you have a choice from several types of live accounts but opening a demo account is also a possibility. FXTM supports both the original MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and its successor MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Access to the software is available both on desktop and hand-held devices.

Traders who join the FXTM community have a diverse range of instruments to choose from. The broker offers more than 50 currency pairs for Forex trading but you can also trade with futures, contracts for difference (CFDs), stock shares, and commodities.

At FXTM, you will also benefit from exceptional customer support service, a nice range of payment options, and personal account managers that can service you in your native language. Novice traders can take advantage of various educational tools that will help them start their trading experience on the right track.


FXTM is a properly regulated trading outfit that has its operations overseen by many different financial regulatory bodies, including those in Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, and Norway. The website is courtesy of ForexTime Limited, a company that is generally overseen by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEK).

The broker has obtained a license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa. It also services traders from the United Kingdom under a license issued by the local Financial Conduct Authority. In Germany, its operations are subject to the regulations of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Note that the broker enforces certain regional restrictions. You will not be able to set up an account and trade here if you are a permanent resident of the United States, Japan, Puerto Rico, Canada, Haiti, Mauritius, North Korea or North Cyprus, among other countries. For the time being, FXTM only services clients based in the European Economic Area (EEA), Belize, and South Africa.

Trading Instruments

FXTM offers customers a nice set of more than 250 instruments including Forex trading with over 50 currency pairs. Traders who want to diversify their investments have the option to speculate on the price movements of stock shares and indices.Trading spot precious metals is yet another exciting alternative. CFDs on commodities are available as well. The servers of the brokerage company are located in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.

Trading with Currency Pairs

The values of currencies are constantly fluctuating which allows for 24/7 foreign exchange trading throughout the entire business week. Forex easily wins the race of the most liquid market in the entire world, with trillions of currency units exchanged each day. This allows for tons of action even if your domestic market has closed for the day.

FXTM gives you the chance to trade with over 50 pairs of currencies, including all major pairs like EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/JPY. Minor and exotic pairs are also available for trading.

At FXTM, the leverage reaches up to 30:1 but the exact ratio varies between different financial instruments. It is important to remember that higher leverage is associated with more financial risks since it can boost both your potential profits and losses.

As for spreads, these are quite competitive at FXTM. However, the exact spreads differ depending on the type of account you choose to open. For standard accounts, the spread starts at 1.6 pips while customers who sign up for ENC MT4 or ECN MT5 accounts will benefit from a spread of 0.1 pips.

You also have a choice from micro, mini, and standard lots but the available lot size again depends on your account type

Precious Metals

Trading spot metals is another potentially lucrative option for customers of FXTM. You can gain a competitive edge by trading valuable metals, such as silver and gold, that are highly appreciated by investors and industries alike.

This type of hard commodity has long been seen as a safe haven by traders because precious metals are likely to retain or grow in value during times of market instability.

One of the main reasons for this is that precious metals’ prices are rarely influenced by economic and political factors. This protects them from inflation. At FXTM, you can trade spot metal pairs such as XAG/EUR, XAG/USD, XAU/EUR, XAG/GBP, and XAU/USD.

CFDs on Commodities

FXTM gives its clients more flexibility and more opportunities by allowing them to trade CFDs on a range of global commodities. CFD trading is possible on UK Brent oil, US crude oil, and US natural gas.

Before you add CFDs to your portfolio, there are a couple of things to take into account. For starters, the prices of energy commodities fluctuate all the time, with the fluctuations resulting from a variety of factors, including supply, demand, politics, and the general state of the world economy.

This leads to higher market volatility, which, in turn, translates into more potentially lucrative opportunities for commodity traders. Instead of purchasing underlying assets, here you speculate on the future price movements of the commodities.

With that in mind, trading commodity CFDs is more complex and associated with a high risk of incurring rapid losses due to leverage. As much as 83% of all retail investor accounts end up losing money when trading with this instrument at FXTM.

Despite the low margins FXTM offers for these trading instruments, you should first consider whether you have the knowledge and experience to trade CFDs without suffering massive losses. Now that we have gotten this out of the way, all energy commodities at FXTM can be traded with a maximum leverage of 10:1. The spreads are competitive and range from 4 to 11 pips.

CFDs on Indices

Another investment product at FXTM is the CFD on indices, with clients being able to pick from the most prominent stock indices across Australia, Europe, the United States, and Asia. This broad choice of securities enables you to create a portfolio of stocks that best suits your trading strategy.

Some of the options include DAX 30, S&P/ASX 200, Nasdaq, and the Footsie. Both long and short positions are available for stocks trading at FXTM.

The broker offers flexible leverage that suits the style of individual traders. This can strengthen your positions and boost your potential returns. The spreads for CFD index trading are tight at FXTM, ranging from 0.1 for ECN accounts to 0.5 for standard accounts.

CFDs on Shares

FXTM clients have access to the stock markets of some of the biggest corporations in the world, including giants like Apple and Amazon. With share CFDs, you do not own any of the physical shares of the corporations’ assets. Instead, you trade against the price movements of the companies’ shares.

This shields traders from negative corporate events like insolvency and the collapse of the companies. But there are more benefits to this financial instrument, including convenient trading hours and real-time data updates from stock markets like Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

The spreads start at 0.1 for standard accounts, with FXTM giving you a choice from many different corporations including Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, the Bank of America, Chevron, Gap, and Amgen.

Trading Platforms





MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
Meta Trader Mobile
Web Trader

FXTM offers its clients a standard trading experience via the suite of trading platforms developed by the well-known MetaQuotes Software. The broker uses the MetaTrader 4 software although downloading its successor MetaTrader 5 is also a viable option.

The platforms can be installed on desktop and mobile devices but you can also use the web version directly in your browser. If you are new to trading, we suggest you install and use both terminals in parallel. This will enable you to see the differences and choose the platform that best suits your style.

MetaTrader 4

Traders interested in joining FXTM have the option to download and install the robust MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform on their desktop computers. While this platform offers little variation in terms of functionality from one trading site to another, there are major differences in how leverage, spreads, commissions, and execution are set up.

MetaTrader 4 offers tons of useful features including the technical indicators that enable you to detect patterns in the price fluctuations of different financial instruments. You can also group quotes of instruments based on time intervals.

There are various tools for analysis that can help you spot trends in price movements. Traders can build channels like the Andrews’ Pitchfork, the standard deviation channel, and the equidistant channel.

The hedging function is supported, allowing you to open multiple long or short positions for a given instrument. With the strategy tester, you can try and optimize different trading robots before you start utilizing them in real trading.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the improved successor of the popular trading software, launched in 2010. Despite the fact this is the newer version of the platform, many experienced traders have grown accustomed to MT4 and prefer it over MT5. Personal preferences aside, the newer trading terminal gives you access to more than 250 instruments for Forex, spot metals, indices, and share CFDs.

The new version is equipped with various additional features, starting with the embedded chat that allows you to converse with other members of the trading community directly via the platform. You will benefit from an economic calendar that gives you access to the latest macroeconomic news that can influence the price fluctuations of different instruments.

The WebTrader

FXTM clients looking for software-free access get the chance to load the trading platform on their PCs or Macs directly in their browsers. The web version of MT4 is safe to use, highly efficient, and compatible with all major operating systems. You can open it in any browser including Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

It supports 18 different languages while its user-friendly interface renders it usable even for inexperienced traders. Here you will find the one-click trading feature, real-time quotes, and nine different timeframes. More versed traders will benefit from various advanced analytical tools and extensive account histories.

If you are looking for more exclusive features, you can try the MT5 WebTrader. This new and improved version offers an advanced strategy tester, more pending order varieties, a more comprehensive trading history, and real-time market depth.

Mobile Apps

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are both fully optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. As for the system specs, you need at least Android 2.1 or iOS 4.0 if you insist on optimal performance. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended although the apps run well on 3G as well.

The MT4 version gives you quick and hassle-free access to tons of trading markets, real-time quotes, around 30 technical indicators, 24 analytical objects, 9 timeframes, and all the execution methods supported by its desktop counterpart. More experienced traders are presented with a choice from different types of interactive charts.

The MT5 version comes with several extra powerful functionalities including netting and hedging. There are also customizable chart color schemes for Forex and stock trading as well as 24 analytical tools such as Gann, Elliott, and Fibonacci. You can trade more efficiently on the fly with the help of the bar, candlestick, and broken-line charts.

Payment Methods

FXTM presents traders with a robust payment system that features several payment methods to further inclusiveness. This way, clients registering from different countries can pick and use a banking solution depending on their location.

Customers who prefer to use debit or credit cards can handle their transactions via Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. Deposits can also be conducted with a range of digital wallets including Neteller, Skrill 1-Tap, Qiwi, Yandex, Alpha Click, and Dotpay. Another option is to fund your trading account with bank wire transfers.

Currency availability depends on what method you deposit with. In general, FXTM payments are possible in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, INR, CZK, RUB, and NGN. There are no commissions on deposits. Waiting timeframes range from 2 hours for cards and e-wallets to 5 business days for bank wire transfers. Minimum deposits depend on the type of trading account you open.

For withdrawals from your FXTM account, you can use Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Yandex, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, and bank wire transfers. Fees and commissions apply to all available methods save for the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller.

Those who use Qiwi and Yandex are charged 1.5% extra while card withdrawals come with a $3 fee. Withdrawals typically clear within the same business day you have submitted the request on. Keep in mind there are inactivity fees of $5 if your FXTM account remains dormant for six months or more.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No FeesInstant
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No Fees2 hours
$10No Fees24 - 48 hours**
$10No FeesInstant
$10No Fees2 hours
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days
-No Fees3-5 business days

Account Types

In the interest of inclusiveness, FXTM provides its clients with a choice from several types of accounts to accommodate both veteran and novice traders. We weigh in the pros and cons of each supported account type below.

The Demo Account

The best way for a novice to start their trading journey at FXTM is to practice by setting up a free demo account. Most types of live accounts have mirror demo versions that enable you to develop your skills and put them to the test.

During the registration process, you have to provide your names, country of residence, address, email, and mobile number. Be sure to enter your phone number correctly. This is essential because FXTM will text you a unique four-digit PIN you must type in during the first steps of registration.

The Standard Account

Customers can set up live standard accounts in exchange for a minimum deposit of $100 or the equivalent in EUR/GBP. Standard accounts rely on the MetaTrader 4 platform and have flexible leverage of up to 30:1. Spreads generally start at 1.3 but this figure may increase during certain periods due to market conditions.

A standard account gives you access to 59 minor, major and exotic currency pairs, 5 spot metal markets, and 14 CFDs. The maximum number of pending orders you can have is 100 while your lot volume per trade is restricted to 30. A margin call of 80% applies to all standard accounts.

The Cent Account

If you are just wading into the vast waters of trading, you can set up a Cent account with FXTM. This type is recommended for those who want to trade but lack sufficient experience and cannot afford to lose too much money. Everything here is measured in cents – you can fund your balance with as little as $10 and will have 1,000 cents to trade with.

Regardless of how much you deposit, your balance will always be displayed in cents. There is also the option to test your Cent account in demo mode. There is no commission for cent accounts while leverage is flexible based on the trading instrument, with a limit of 30:1.

You can trade 25 major and minor currency pairs and two types of spot metals. The maximum number of pending orders is limited to 100. Spreads start at 1.5 but float based on market conditions.

The FXTM Pro Account

Pro accounts are available for the more advanced, offering them zero spreads and market execution, which means you agree to execute an order at a price offered by the broker.

The main advantage here is that you can trade currencies without having to deal with any requotes. In turn, this translates into a faster execution of your deals. If you opt for this, you can forget all about last-look pricing. One thing to beware of is slippage, which can grow quite big during volatile price fluctuations.

Pro accounts can be set up in MT4 or MT5 but the swap-free option is available only in MT4. This type of account lacks the take-profit and stop-loss options.

On the positive, it gives well-versed traders the freedom to utilize any trading strategy with zero limitations. With Pro accounts, you can trade with 2 spot metals as well as with minor, major, and exotic currency pairs.

The ECN Zero Account

Another option at FXTM is to register for an ECN Zero account, which uses either MT4 or MT5. There are plenty of advantages here starting with the floating leverage, the low spreads (the minimum is 1.5), and the absence of commissions and requotes with market execution.

There are several currency options for ECN Zero accounts, EUR, USD, and GBP. The minimum deposit is $200. There is no ceiling to the maximum amount you can load into your ECN Zero balance.

You can trade with a variety of instruments including spot metals, CFDs, and the three main types of currency pairs. The Forex Invest feature is particularly handy because it allows you to use your trading skills to generate additional capital.

This is a copy trading feature that enables fellow investors to copy your trades. They learn from your trading experience while you get to collect a percentage of their returns in exchange for the knowledge you share.


The feedback from customers of FXTM is largely positive, which indicates this broker provides excellent support service. The staff behind the help desk offers multilingual assistance to the benefit of customers who are not fluent in the most widely used languages.

You can reach out to them for technical and trading help. VIP customers will benefit from the services of personal account managers. As for the supported avenues of communication, there are plenty of those.

You can contact them via live chat, Viber, the Telegram app, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Another option is to request a callback by filling in the corresponding form in the help section. Provide your name, address, country, and telephone number, and they will contact you back shortly to assist you.

Another option would be to write an email at info@forextime.com. Calling +357 25 55 8 777 is also an alternative. The hotlines are staffed during weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Overall, FXTM is an established online broker, with a solid track record, many satisfied clients, and a motley assortment of trading instruments. Here you will find very competitive spreads but leverage is relatively low compared to that of some other trading sites. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though.

There is a huge range of account options to fit the preferences and experience levels of all traders, from complete novices to professionals. Each account type has both its merits and downsides, so be sure to compare their features before you sign up.

Our advice is to test FXTM before you commit with real capital. One of the few negatives here is that the broker does not work with clients from the United States. The crux of it is FXTM is a trusted, properly regulated platform with immaculate reputation, great spreads and tons of trading options. We can gladly recommend them to traders from all walks of life.