Samsung presents a camera-phone hybrid innovation

Samsung Electronics have introduced the Galaxy S4 zoom, a smartphone with 16 megapixel camera allowing 10x optical zoom feature. With the product company is betting on convergence of smartphones and cameras into one device. The Galaxy S4 zoom includes top range smartphone and a high quality camera which optical zoom extends out of the phone.

The company might be undertaking a risky move as the digital camera market is struggling. The Korean tech giant is foreseeing a technological shift to grab more market share and compensate for companys weak digital camera presence. Despite smartphone cameras have been increasingly improving, high resolution and picture quality are still out of their reach.

Samsungs innovative ideas have been in the core of gaining competitive advantage to other electronic manufacturers. Lim Sun-hong, a senior vice president with Samsungs digital imaging business, said to Wall Street Journal he sees an opportunity to combine the ease of use and wireless connectivity of a smartphone with the picture quality of a powerful camera. That would make it easier for users to instantly share vast amount of pictures online.

Samsung Electronics owns 9.4% of worlds digital camera market struggling to catch up with Canon, Nikon and Sony. As a whole, neither of the elements implemented in the smartphone hybrid camera is new or innovative. Samsung is rather betting on combination of high quality products into one, targeting a specific new niche which company foresees as profitable.

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