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Oil Binary Options Trading

Crude-oil-barrelsOil, just like natural gas, metals and gold, is some of the best trading instrument that you can use when it comes to binary options. Of course, the common thing between all the above mentioned instruments is the great volatility so that their prices can actually change in a matter of hours. This is why such instruments are preferred by lots of people all around the world who consider themselves as risky players.

The Oil Volatility

Historically speaking, the volatility of oil is approximately 30% and has always been somewhere around this number. In case you are observing the graphs on annual basis, then you will see that the estimations vary around 35-40% for crude oil, or even higher. Basically, expert thinks that this is the best time to trade binary options and this is why you might want to seize the moment.

News to binary options and oil trading

When it comes to oil trading and binary options, it is really important to know that there are weekly publications of the US Energy Department. Take a look at those reports because they might be really helpful.

They present volatile moments and can tell you when is the proper time to sell or buy. In case you are interested in this report, you should know that it is being published every Wednesday at 14;30 – it can be viewed at the official site of the department. And since the report is official and concerns oil, petrol and other oil products will also be affected.

The report is really important and lots of traders are referring to it when it comes to oil trading simply because it reveals detailed information regarding different areas of the United States, there are also some predictions for future fluctuations. The report is based on the import and demands of oil and this is why it is extremely useful when it comes to binary trading.

 As in everything else – in binary options – the more you are informed – the better. You will be able to effectively trade oil binary options using the changes in the volatility thanks to the published figures. Of course you have to be careful simply because you can not only generate profits but also mark huge losses. Make sure you are paying the needed attention to key moments. is a financial media specialized in providing daily news and education covering Forex, equities and commodities. Our academies for traders cover Forex, Price Action and Social Trading.

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