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japan_forexThe binary options industry in Japan is already blooming – this is a fact well-known by lots of people. However, it is normal that the blooming is louder in some places rather than others.

Speaking of Japan you have to know it is the fastest growing binary options market in the world. Thanks to the high interest in this type of trading, most of the major binary brokers have decided to launch a special Japanese version of their platforms.

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Thanks to the moves made by the Japanese authorities a year ago, now Japan is the fastest growing binary options market all over the world. The changes made by the authorities were to stem the flow of capital out for the country by simply blocking the IPs of binary options brokers operating on the territory of the country without licenses. The interesting question now is what the Japanese authorities will do with those brokers based outside the country? Probably a new regulatory framework will be presented.

Interesting fact every person should know is the binary options trading in Japan is slightly different from the binary options trading elsewhere. First of all the Japanese binary options have 2 separate time frames – an observational period during which not a single option can be purchased and a buy-in period. For example, in binary options traded in Europe and America these lock-out times have been declining steadily.

Another difference is that the Japanese brokers don’t allow traders to close trades permanently, which means one a trade is locked-in it will stay this way until the expiry while at this time the trader will not be allowed to close his position.

The regulations in japan are performed by two bodies – the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and the Japanese Financial Services Authority. FSA monitors the whole financial system of Japan and makes sure that all services are performed according to the laws of the country. SESC assists FSA and ensures that the firms are operating within the law boundaries.

There are lots of different binary options brokers that offer their services to the Japanese clients. However, most of them are offshore companies which are operating on the local Japanese market. If a new regulatory framework is presented, the situation might change.

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