Challenge accepted: Samsung selling phones to enterprises

Samsung Electronics Co. is the biggest smartphone seller in the world. However, being a South Korean technology giant is not sufficient enough in order to win more corporate and government customers to the company. Now Samsung faces a new challenge – building a reliable customer-service network especially for businesses, and of course, developing a security platform that is able to meet the worlds largest enterprises needs.

During the last few months Knox – Samsungs security system for mobile devices – has met some difficulties due to programming bugs and delays, which resulted into a mass frustration among the customers of the company. The Executive Officers of the company have confessed there were some problems and explained that the company was doing everything possible to solve them.

If Samsung manages to pull itself together and beat the difficulties, it has the best chances of put the enterprise device market under its control on the account of BlackBerry Ltd., which is known as a leader on the market among government officials and corporate executives. There is a rising demand for non-BlackBerry devices on the market, which Samsung may be able to answer.

Unfortunately, more and more corporate tech administrators believe that Android operating system is not as reliable as iOS and BlackBerrys proprietary software. That is exactly why proving this belief wrong has become a paramount goal. The enterprise segment is quite a lucrative one, which is the reason why Samsung should emphasize on its presence there. For now, the companys presence is rather small and limited to tablets, but it is absolutely clear Samsung has decided to change this fact and make its business perspectives better.

The BlackBerrys leadership was shaken back in 2011, which gave the Samsung a reason to believe it has to offer a reliable and competitive product, able to meet customers expectations. This is exactly the idea of Samsungs security system for mobile devices, called Knox. It is intended to provide corporate tech administrators with the opportunity to control the Samsung devices used by their employees and minimize the applications used for personal purposes. Tech administrators will also be able to remotely shut the devices down when compromised or lost.

In one of its last statements, the company announced that customers have showed strong interest towards Knox and have sent rather positive feedback about it. This gives the company a reason to believe it is close to putting an end to the BlackBerry era.
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