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Established in 2008, Ayondo is a brokerage company that facilitates trading with contracts for differences and spread betting across many different classes of assets, such as currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies, shares, bonds, interest rates, and commodities.

After its launch, the brokerage firm quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing trading platforms on European soil. The company was based in Germany at the time of its startup but as its client-base grew, it moved its headquarters to London.

Ayondo has greatly expanded its operations over the last ten years. Today, it services traders from more than 195 different jurisdictions although residents of the United States cannot deal with the platform. In 2018, Ayondo became the first FinTech company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

The focus here falls on social trading. One of the main goals of Ayondo is to connect novice traders looking to benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned investors. This is possible via the Top Trader system all new customers are automatically enrolled in. Copy trading is also available at Ayondo via its proprietary award-winning TradeHub platform.

Traders will also benefit from ultra-tight spreads and reasonable commissions, two dedicated mobile apps, constant customer support, and the availability of three different languages – English, Spanish, and German.


Ayondo is part of BUX Financial Services Limited, a company registered in the United Kingdom, with headquarters in London. Its operations in the UK are authorized and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

There are many benefits of trading with a broker authorized by this financial watchdog, starting with the fact customers’ funds are segregated from those of the FCA-regulated brokers. This way, it is impossible for the trading company to steal or lose its clients’ money if it bankrupts. The money is kept only in trusted banks of good repute.

Additionally, brokers subjected to the supervision of the FCA are required to take part in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). An extra level of security is ensured by Ayondo’s supplementary free insurance policy, which covers each customer with up to £1 million on top of the standard FSCS guarantee.

Ayondo introduced the Negative Balance Protection in 2015. It ensures that traders who join the platform never lose more money than they have initially invested. If the losses of a given client exceed the amount they have in their balance, Ayondo will not seek to recover the difference. Customers can further manage their risk by setting loss-protection limits they are comfortable with.

Ayondo also has offices in Frankfurt on Main, Germany, where it is regulated by the German financial watchdog BaFin (the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). Last but not least, the broker ensures the highest levels of safety for its customers by using sophisticated encryption and security technologies to protect them from attacks and fraud.

Trading Instruments

Ayondo clients are presented with a comprehensive selection of instruments they can trade with. The broker specializes in trading with contracts for difference (CFDs) and spread betting. Here you can expand your portfolio by trading with asset classes like currencies, commodities, shares, investment rates, bonds, and indices.

Currency Trading

Forex is the most liquid market in the world, with a daily trading volume amounting to trillions of dollars. It offers tons of opportunities to traders from all levels of skill, experience, and knowledge.

Another benefit here is that market prices are not controlled by a specific institutional entity because Forex is completely decentralized. Traders can make deals around the clock five days a week regardless of whether the market is rising or falling.

At Ayondo, traders will find more than 35 currency pairs, including all the major options like AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. Minor and exotic pairs are also available for trading, including options like NOK/SEK, NZD/CAD, USD/ZAR, GBP/CHF, EUR/SGD, and CHF/JPY.

The spreads offered by Ayondo are tight but vary based on the currency pairs you trade with. The minimum spread starts at 0.4 for AUD/USD and goes all the way up to 300 for USD/ZAR. As for the margin requirements, they range from 3.33% to 5%.

Spot Forex, CFDs, and spread betting are viable options here. Less experienced traders should bear in mind that CFD trading is a rather complex enterprise. Because of leverage, it carries a significant risk of incurring losses.

This is further substantiated by the fact that as much as 79.1% of retail investors who trade with Ayondo end up losing their balance to CFDs and spread betting. Other than that, spread betting is a great alternative for traders from the UK because the profits it generates are free from CGT (Capital Gain Tax).

Commodity Trading

At Ayondo, you can expand your trading scope by incorporating commodity CFDs into your portfolio. The broker offers plenty of benefits to CFD commodity traders. To begin with, they get to control their leverage thanks to the variable margins.

There is a high level of flexibility here since CFD traders can open and close their positions whenever they decide. There are no additional charges on top of the built-in spread, which enables you to calculate your losses as well as the profits you have realized with great ease. Also, all CFDs except those for future contracts have no expiry date.

Note that CFDs are typically leveraged. You can trade them with only a fraction of the balance deposited into your Ayondo account while the remainder is provided by the broker. However, this increases the financial risk associated with CFD trading as we explained earlier.

As for the types of available commodities, here you get to trade with precious metals like silver, platinum, and gold as well as with energy products such as US Light Crude Oil and Brent Crude Oil. Spreads start at 0.8 for the energy commodities and reach 6 points for gold and silver. The required margin is typically 10% (5% for gold).

Trading with Indices

Ayondo provides traders with access to a broad range of indices. You can open long as well as short positions, which enables you to take advantage of up and down price movements of stock markets. Quotes for index trading are available at all times during business days, allowing clients to trade even after the underlying market has been closed.

Spreads are again variable, which allows for more flexibility. As for the margins, they are either 5% or 10%, depending on what exactly you trade. Some of the options include the FTSE 100 Index, STOXX Europe 50, France 40, Wall Street, Germany 30, IBEX 35, and the S&P 500 Index.

Shares, Rates and Bonds

Traders who join Ayondo have a great daily choice of CFDs for single stocks. Here you can trade with shares of some of the biggest companies across the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, and Spain.

Spread percentages are flexible and within the range of 0.12% to 0.25%. Trading with bonds and interest rates is yet another option. Spreads for these markets are quite competitive and vary between 0.01 and 0.04, with margin requirements of 20%.

Trading Platforms






Unlike many rival brokers who rely on the third-party MetaTrader software, Ayondo has opted to develop and utilize a proprietary platform, the TradeHub. This is a streamlined platform that is simple to pick up with.

The product offering of the brokerage company is also accessible on mobile via native applications for the two most broadly used operating systems, Android and iOS. One unique feature customers will find here is the social trading option that enables them to increase their trading yield by allowing other people to follow their trades.

The TradeHub Proprietary Platform

The TradeHub is a proprietary web-based platform, which is to say it does not require any additional software. You can start trading immediately after you sign up with an account directly in the browser of your laptop or desktop computer although access on hand-held devices is also supported.

Ayondo has designed its TradeHub with usability and efficiency in mind. The platform is suitable for all traders, regardless of whether they are novices or veterans in this field. There are tons of useful tools as well as intuitive charts. You can place an order right through the charts.

The TradeHub platform enables users to trade CFDs on many different instruments, including the options we covered earlier. It stands out with quick execution, reasonable spreads, and low minimums on stake size.

Users can adjust their positions easily according to their individual preferences, goals, and strategies. The intuitive design enables you to focus on the trading experience itself and explore the available markets straight away.

Social Trading at Ayondo

One unique aspect of Ayondo that sets it apart from the competition is the availability of social trading. This is beneficial to both rookie and experienced traders, both of whom are enrolled in the social trading system immediately upon registration.

Then other registrants can follow their trades although getting enough followers is not as easy. You need to climb the Top Traders ladder, which consists of several tiers. In ascending order, these are Street Trader, Advanced, Professional, Risk Adjusted, and Institutional Trader. The main focus here falls not so much on the returns traders realize but on consistency.

Top Traders can pocket additional profits by allowing other customers to copy their trades. The rank of each trader is based on their performance and the number of people who follow them. The higher your rank, the greater the likelihood of attracting more followers.

The commissions you can charge your followers with also increase proportionately to your rank. You can test and see how the following system works with the help of the free Portfolio Simulator. This structure also works to the advantage of followers because it enables them to learn and gain trading experience. This is a very fresh approach you will not see anywhere else.

TradeHub for iOS and Android

The broker also offers dedicated applications for iOS and Android, allowing its clients to easily keep an eye on their positions and execute trades while on the go. The mobile version of the TradeHub software is equipped with the same features as the desktop platform.

This means traders will benefit from variable spreads and margins, loss protection, sophisticated indicators, one-tap trading, detailed help section, and advanced trading tools. The apps are available for free download via the Google Play and App Store platforms.

Payment Methods

Once you finish with the registration of your live account, you need to fund it via one of the secure banking options the platform supports. You can securely top up your live balance with credit or debit cards by Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro or a bank transfer. The broker also supports solutions like Klarna.

As for the available currencies, customers are provided with a choice from seven options during the registration process. You can open a live account in any of the following currencies – USD, GBP, CHF, DKK, EUR, SEK, and SGD.

Be careful with your selection of base currency because you might suffer additional costs for currency conversion. For example, if you close a CFD position denominated in dollars but your account’s base currency is in British pounds, the original dollar amount will be converted to pounds. Additional fees are charged for inactivity.

BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
$100No Fees2-3 business days
$100No Fees2-3 business days
$100No Fees2-3 business days
$100No Fees2-3 business days
BrandMinimumFeesProcessing Time
-No Fees2-3 business days
-No Fees2-3 business days
-No Fees2-3 business days
-No Fees2-3 business days

Account Types

We suggest that new traders who lack much experience start by registering a demo account with Ayondo to test the waters first and gain a decent enough understanding of how the TradeHub platform works. You have a choice from a CFD and a spread betting account or both.

Shortly after you apply for your demo account, they will send you an email with details on the next steps you must go through to complete the registration process.

They also send a link you can activate your demo account with. Signing up is hassle-free and takes only several minutes. Demo accounts remain active for a period of 21 days and are loaded with $100,000 in virtual money.

Setting up a live account is easy and quite straightforward with Ayondo. This will give you access to spread betting and CFDs, not to mention you will be able to generate additional profits from other customers who copy your trades.

However, you must present the broker with some documents for verification purposes, such as a passport, a national ID, a driving license, and a recent utility bill. Additionally, you will have to set aside several minutes to answer some queries about your experience as a trader.

A live account enables customers to progress through five trader tiers, starting with Street Trader and ending with Institutional Trader. Leveling up comes with the added benefit of higher commissions from the persons that follow and copy your trades.


Ayondo clients generally give favorable feedback on the provided customer support service. You can make contact with a representative of the support by emailing them at

Giving them a ring over the telephone is an alternative. Dial +44 020 3330 0865 for queries related to social trading. The number for TradeHub support is +44 020 3326 2131. The support desk is staffed during business days only, from 8 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

There is also a separate desk for questions related exclusively to trading. The number is +44 020 3326 2135, with the lines remaining open from 10:15 pm on Sundays to 10:15 pm on Fridays.

The support team services customers from several help desks located in London, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. They provide fast, reliable, friendly, and competent service.

Apart from English, support is available in German and Spanish. The numbers are +49 069 9999 94150 for social trading, +49 069 9675 90007 for CFDs, and +49 069 9675 9083 for general trading questions. The German lines are serviced from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Spanish-speaking customers can reach the support department over the phone from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm by dialing +34 91 084 02 49 for general inquiries.


This broker has come a long way over the last ten or so years, providing clients with a highly reliable trading service. Their social trading option is one feature you will not find with most other brokers.

This is particularly useful for traders looking to bank on their good trading performance and experience. Other benefits of trading with this broker include low spreads, access to a robust web-based platform, and variable margins.