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Poland_forexBest forex brokers in Poland reviewed by TradingPedia.com. Find out where to trade currency, stocks and commodities in Poland. The polish currency market is still under the pressure of the global sentiment. As you know the national currency – zloty – has recently shaped its exchange rate toward other currencies. So far the zloty is strongly influenced by the euro zone and the developments going on in there. The main reason that is causing the influence is the fiscal crisis.

The result is more than clear – the EUR/PLN currency pair remained above 4.00 in the first 6 months. During the second quarter of the last year the Polish currency got weakened. Then after a couple of months it strengthened its positions once again. As you can see there are lots of fluctuations going on, on the Polish foreign exchange market.

Best Forex Brokers in Poland

All those foreign investors are hungry for some good news, but this is something that is not happening often these days. Therefore, even the tiniest positive news trigger really strong market reactions. The latest evidence of this was the EU summit. Even though nothing significant was concluded there, it reflected the market in a euphoric way! The zloty strengthened against the euro with 0.10 pips.

Those effects, however, will probably not last, or at least this is what dealers said. Probably new problems will occur on the Polish market. However, the liquidity is good and if you are more of a risk player, you might want to give it a try.

Other good news is that Poland is clumping down forex loans. You probably know that the forex loans were highly popular before the economic crisis. Ever since Poland jointed the EU nearly 60% of the mortgages were denominated in foreign currency, mostly Swiss francs which is more attractive than zloty’s higher interest.

In case you are interested in forex trading in Poland, then you’d probably want to have a list of forex brokers that are dealing in the country. Below we will post some of the most popular and reliable online forex brokers that people in Poland are using;


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