Forex Trading with VISA Card

visaBest forex trading brokers that accept deposits with Visa. reviewed by BinaryTribune. Visa card brokers list. VISA is one of the most renowned names in the world of finances. The American company was founded in 1958 and through the years it has turned into one of the most popular, reliable and affordable choices when it comes to payment products. At the moment, VISA’s official headquarters are located in Foster City, California, United States, but the company has hundreds of other offices spread around the globe.

VISA-branded debit and credit cards are extremely popular, and they are used by millions of people around the world. The official figures for the USA show that VISA held 38.3% of the credit card marketplace and the staggering 60.7% of the debit card marketplace in 2008. An undisputable proof of the company’s popularity is the fact that its products processed over 62 billion transactions in 2009.

VISA offer both credit and debit cards, but they also have one more special type of card that is very popular in specific places. The card I’m talking about is VISA Electron – a unique debit card that can’t be overdrawn and is supported by millions of companies, ATMs, services and websites.

Best Visa Forex Brokers

Unfortunately, VISA Electron cards are still not available in United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia, but they enjoy a lot of popularity in entire Europe.

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that at the moment VISA-branded cards are the most popular payment methods among Forex traders. The reasons for this are many:

  • VISA cards are supported by a every Forex broker around the world
  • The taxes and fees that apply to VISA cards are very reasonable

VISA cards can be used in every country, and they are supported by almost every banking institution. The usability of VISA cards has turned them into one of the most popular payment products in the world. They enjoy a lot of popularity in the world of Forex traders, so you won’t be disappointed if you choose VISA for your Forex trading career.

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